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GET TO KNOW YOU, A QUESTIONNAIRE (on the lighter side)

Sunday, November 08, 2015

First and foremost, I want to apologize to the author of this original blog. It was well thought out and genuine. Several members and Spark friends use it as a mean to express themselves which I found very informative and enlightening.
However, when I started completing the questionnaire I couldn't resist the opportunity to laugh at myself as the quirky and comical answers popped into my head. In spite of it's spurious humor and satire, this blog give you a glimpse of who I really am.
Ron G.

WHERE IS YOUR CELL PHONE? My cell phone is with my car keys. But I don't know where they are either!
SPOUSE? I just got married . . . 35 years ago. I think I'll keep this one.
HAIR? At my age, I wish my hair would grow where I wanted it or where I needed it. Who needs ear hair!?
YOUR MOTHER? My mother claims I must have been switched at the hospital. I just couldn't be hers.
YOUR FATHER? "My father died peacefully in his sleep. Not yelling and screaming like the passengers in his car."
YOUR FAVORITE THING? My Pookie . . . I play with it all the time. It's the nickname for my putter. I like miniature golf.
YOUR DREAM LAST NIGHT? "I dreamt I had insomnia. Woke up exhausted . . ."
COKE? "I don't use drugs; my dreams are frightening enough!"
WHAT ROOM ARE YOU IN? My special place. It's fully upholstered. The walls floor and ceiling with a small window and heavy burglar bars.
YOUR HOBBY? No hobby - just a wifey.
YOUR FEARS? I'm extremely afraid that the world will run out of chocolate.
WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN 6 YEARS? Walking around anywhere above ground level.
WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? Went out for a run last night before they caught me and put me back in my special place.
MUFFINS? Not since I joined SparkPeople. I've lost 35 pounds and the muffins are gone.
WISH LIST ITEM? Another hack saw blade. I used up the one I had last night and I like to run.
LAST THING YOU DID? I didn't do it! I'm not responsible! It wasn't me!
YOUR PETS? I have a couple of flies, a spider and a lunar moth I call Fuzzy. He hasn't moved in long time.
FRIENDS? Including Facebook . . .3
YOUR LIFE? "My life is what my thoughts make it."(that's scary)
YOUR MOOD? Happy!! I'm always happy, always laughing hysterically, especially when I'm telling jokes to my pets.
DRINKING? As often and as much as I can. I'm diverse preferring scotch, tequila, rum, sake and schnapps.
YOUR CAR? I have a truck---4-wheel drive. It's electric and runs on 4-AA batteries.
SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT WEARING? Pants -- aha!! I think I know where my keys and cell phone are!!
YOUR FAVORITE STORE? Godiva Chocolatiers. I one of their special customers. They send all my chocolates special delivery. In their stores is my picture with a note, "Do not allow this man in the store."
YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? Chocolate!! It's also my favorite vegetable. . . What! It comes from a BEAN
WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Last night. My wife told me that the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was not a real place.
WHERE DO YOU GO OVER AND OVER? The toilet! Ever hear of BPH.
FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT? Same place the frogs eat -- IHOP!
FAVORITE PLACE I'D LIKE TO BE RIGHT NOW? Toilet -- It's those 8 plus glasses of water I drink every day. Maybe I need a smaller glass. The 20 oz tumblers may be too much. What you think?

Quote credits to Bob Ingram, Zhuangzi, Bob Monkhouse, and Marcus Aurelius, respectively.

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