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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hi Everyone! First let me wish you a belated Merry Christmas. I hope your holiday was nothing short of blessed and beautiful.

Happy New Year! If you make resolutions, I hope that you set goals you're able to achieve and that you do achieve them!

I know it's been a number of months since I posted a blog and really, since I have been present on SP.

Some years ago, the house across the street was up for sale. One day, I noticed a vehicle sitting in the yard of that house - there was a person sitting in the car. I thought it was probably a realtor and shrugged it off. Well, that same vehicle was sitting in the front yard of that house for two weeks. Turns out, it was the future tenant of the house (they rented) - she was watching the neighborhood, specifically me. She then tried to send her children to my house for most of each weekend. I realized very quickly there would be no happy medium with these folks - that 'her way or the highway' was the mentality. In other words, I was to be her external (and FREE) nanny. By the time they'd lived there 3 weeks, I had seen their children more than they had! Once I put a stop to things (before week 4 even started), they stopped speaking to me and I was so glad to see them move.

Why did I tell you this story? Well, because people here on SP get to thinking that it might be fun to run a Team here, only to find out that it's a good amount of work. Two people here tried to pawn their teams off on me and frankly, I was too busy to manage my own team, let alone others! While things didn't get testy because I stated my position up front, the other parties stopped talking to me once it became clear to them I wasn't going to do what they wanted me to do.

To be honest, I'm sure that is part of why I drifted so readily away. Because that's how I seem to respond to people treating me poorly - withdrawal. I'm not going to try and FORCE someone to treat me a certain way. People usually know when they're being stinky, so I rarely even point it out. My absence speaks volumes.

My business has been going really well and that's been keeping me quite busy. OK, VERY busy! I love going out and working at the farmers markets here locally. In doing so, I've made a number of connections and am now doing contract manufacturing, have had a retail venue offered, as well as others selling my products. It's been a whirlwind, and I've loved every minute - the ups, the downs, the weirdness.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I tripped and broke my foot! What a pain in the backside - to come to a complete, abrupt stop after getting up to 90mph was a blow! It's a Jones Fracture of the 5th Metatarsal. The pain was crazy! Had surgery on 12/2 (got a big screw put in!) and had a cast for 2 weeks, then the boot. Today I find out how much longer I have to wear the boot. The foot is still a little swollen, but it's much better.

The incision was tiny. I used my Healing Salve on it and am really quite impressed with how quickly it healed with that. For my Spark Friends, I've created a discount code in my shop - 40% off anything. Just enter 'Spark16' during checkout at intrinsicalchemist.com/s

During all of this, I had a sinus giving trouble, so went to the ENT. He said we might need to take a bone out. UGH. Doubled down on my neti pot and often used Alkalol (it's an awesome herbal infusion you can use diluted alone or add to the saline solution for the neti). Yesterday, got the good news that we won't be taking the bone out! Woohoo!

For the most part, and in spite of my insurance company saying they may not pay for my surgery (WHAT!!??), life is pretty good and getting better every day. emoticon

May your New Year be blessed and serene, prosperous and healthy!

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  • no profile photo CD18089804
    778 days ago
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    Hey just stumbled across this blog -- I think it's important to be able to say no to people, and not feel guilty about it. So good for you -- and I can't even believe that story about the crazy neighbors -- yikes!
    1877 days ago
    Are you saying the insurance co. won't pay for your foot surgery??? That's insane!

    The healing is remarkable! And so glad that the netti pot helped the sinus situation. Using one right now, too. The winter here is not kind to the sinuses with furnace heating. UGH

    Glad that you stood your ground. I am not responsive AT ALL to pushy people other than to walk the other way. **SIGH**

    HUGS sweetie. So glad your business is going well!
    1882 days ago
    P.S. Today I'm making yoghurt from my first bi-monthly deliveries of fresh RAW milk and cream! AND yesterday, I received the first of my now on-going deliveries of free-range eggs!

    Food-wise, things around here are looking up!

    1882 days ago
    Best wishes to you for a Jubilee Year of Mercy! I hope that your family was spared holiday drama and that all are well and full of New Year plans! I am SO sorry about your foot, and I hope you're back to your healthy self SOONer.

    Ah, Beautiful, Julee... what is it about you that attracts a certain type of LEECH?

    I never get that vibe, and I find it confusing... unless the Universe has chosen you to be an instrument of instruction to these people? Those renting-people sound awful. (we just got rid of the neighbours from h3ll, too... a year of misery later)

    I think you need a T-shirt (or business-type cards) that says: "Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness."

    I haven't been around here much either the past year (similar issues, I suppose and just an overall sense - but for a handful of special souls... that my corner of the SparkWorld had lost it's SPARKle). I don't know if it's me, but I find so many member to be very self-absorbed... there is no conversation anymore... feels like facebook around here now. Comments are often dump and run blubs of no consequence... I often wonder if people have actually lost the ability to read. One of the reasons I don't participate on teams much anymore, either... though I acquired the leadership of one... the leader dumped it and ran... and after waiting too see what would happen for a few weeks, I picked it up. I couldn't just let it die. So I've been drawn back in, and it's not bad... but still not the same. Maybe it's me... maybe I've outgrown/outstayed my time here.... too bad I still have 60 pounds to eliminate, LOL.

    ...Speaking of self-absorbed, LOL!

    I am SO GLAD that your business has taken of as it has! Nobody deserves it more! I think of you often as I muddle along here dabbling in my own adventures in healing. You have been the most amazing and positive influence, and I treasure you.

    I'm sorry I've been quiet, too. I sort of withdrew from everything... it was taking all I had to deal with the chaos and persecution next door... now that they are gone, I feel like I can breathe again. Unfortunately a lot has moved on without me... not entirely sure how to catch up....

    Anyway, any day you are here is a grand day! today, that's enough!

    1882 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Hey Julee, I know you don't really know me from anywhere/anything, but hopefully, long term you will be able to get that screw OUT. My health friend/neighbor who had a whole plate put into her ankle when it shattered said she was told by the super health guru's that the body will use a foreign substance/item as a location for issues to start. Once its done its job, make a plan to have it removed (if that is possible?!)


    Sorry about your experiences with people behaving badly. Unfortunately, it seems more common than not in my own interactions.

    Way to go with your business! emoticon
    1882 days ago
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