Woah there, Bessie!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So I've just started tracking my food again.

I've had this struggle for the last year or so. I finished my PhD and immediately starting thinking that I 'should' turn my focus back to my health. It has just seemed too big and overwhelming and I've been putting it off while I deal with other issues.

However, finally I have made the leap back into eating sustainably.

And you know what? It's easy. I have done this for so long, I know how to balance my diet. I do it without even thinking. The challenge will be not to add that chocolate biscuit in with my cup of tea, or saying no to ice cream when offered.

The down side is that part of my brain is saying 'this is easy! We should do ALL THE THINGS!!!' I'm thinking about restarting my training program. Weights first, then cardio... I need to work on that dodgy shoulder before I do anything else...

But you know what? No. I need to tell myself to STFU because if I do too much at once, I *know* I will be overwhelmed and I won't be able to keep it up. So I need to just take a step back and enjoy the fact that clean eating is easy for now.

I know there will be times when it isn't.
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