Remembering What You Already Know

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's kind of amazing to me that sometimes I have to rediscover things that I already know. It's like I learn things, but then put them aside thinking somehow I don't have to put what I've learned into action. For example, tracking food. I hate tracking food but I know that it works, so lately I've been forcing myself to track. It's been an eye opener to see that while I'm doing pretty well staying within my calorie range most days, I haven't been getting enough protein or other key nutrients. Duh - you have to track and study the report to understand how what you're eating is or isn't working for you.

Another thing is you have to exercise to burn calories. I felt like I was a pretty active person until I started tracking. Now I am forced to recognize the fact that while I'm very active on certain days, there are days I don't have any activity to track at all. Duh - you have to get some exercise every day if you want to lose weight!

I have been disappointed that being in a running program has not helped me lose weight. In fact, running makes you hungry, so for me it's been a real challenge to fuel up on healthy foods that aren't full of empty calories, and to make sure I get plenty of protein so that I'm burning fat, not lean muscle. Running has also opened my eyes to the importance of cross-training. Even though I've read and have been told that you have to incorporate strength training into a fitness routine, somehow I just ignored this for a long time. Now, upon returning to the gym, I was surprised by how much my strength has gone done since the last time I used the free weights and machines. I had to adjust the equipment down in weight quite a bit in order to do the exercises. Another less learned. If you quit working out, you will lose at least some of what you've built up and have to pretty much start all over. Duh - you don't keep fitness if you don't work at it.

Have I learned these lessons, at last? Maybe, maybe not. I'm human, I'm busy, and I don't have the energy and stamina I once had. But I'm going to do my best to be more accountable and consistent to meet my goals. No longer is my goal simply to lose weight, but I also have to work at being stronger. I don't want to lose muscle instead of fat. I need to keep working on treating food as FUEL - not as something tasty that makes me feel better when I've had a bad day or feel I need a reward. When I finally take what I already to know to heart, and put these lessons to work every day, that is when I will finally pass the test and see some results. I'm trying.
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