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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Something is clicking for me this time. I had one of the most stressful weeks at work this week. And yes...I succumbed to temptation...but somehow still managed to lose weight. I almost didn't weigh this morning...that's how bad I was. But I decided to bite the bullet and just take the number that I'm hit with! I lost...whew!

When I reflect on my week, I realized that I wasn't "that" bad. And I started focusing on the positives. I exercised MOST of the days this week....I tracked my food EVERY day...even when I drank a fully loaded Dr. Pepper, and ate some Tostitos! And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I didn't go over my caloric intake!

I think the difference is that I am listening to my body. When I feel full...I stop eating. I try to reach for healthy snacks. And I'm trying to put more steps in any walk that I do. It's just small things...small changes...that I think is working for me. And if the scale doesn't move the way it should...I try to stay focused on the positives. clothes fit better now.

I haven't lost enough to say I'm down a size...but I've lost enough to know the positive changes in my body. And I'm satisfied with these changes. I don't need to share them with others to feel good about what I'm doing...I'm proud of myself and know that my hard work and lifestyle changes are working. That is motivating me...and it feels good.

Today is a new day as I begin the next goal to another decade in weight. Just DO IT!!
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