Quick Update

Monday, February 22, 2016

Man, it's been over a month already?! Wow...

I've been so busy at work that I'm not able to blog as much. But I'm still kickin'!

I have been totally off-track for about 3 weeks. Though, I did reach a whole 1 goal from last month - I met (and slightly exceeded) my cardio minutes goal.

I've made a workout plan for the next 2 weeks, treadmill time and classes. I'm going to TRY to get back to running, starting with 2 mile workouts - 30 seconds at 6.5(ish) MPH, 90 seconds at 3.8(ish) MPH until distance complete. My feet and calves were able to handle this a few weeks back so I'm going to start there and slowly build my run time up. But the next 2 weeks I will stick with those intervals. After that I'll move to 45 seconds and 75 seconds.

Anyway, that's my update. Nothing special. But I do want to spend some time catching up on everyone's blogs!!! I hope everyone has a great week!
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