7 month progress update

Sunday, March 06, 2016

I'm not sure a lot changed since last month, but I have seen some NSv progress that is worth sharing.

1. I went shopping in a brick store a week ago. 7 months ago I was in a 5 x everything.
I purchased new stuff and if it's cotton pants I'm in a 16, if they're stretchy I can wear a 12/14. I'm in 0x or 1x tops depending on fabric. I do have a 14/16 top but it's a flowy style. My tummy is still where I keep all my weight and, that's where all the hanging skin is, too. But I once said I would just shut up and be happy if I could even shop in a brick store so, I'm working on that.

2. I just had emergency vacation. I did not go off plan not ONE BITE. I'm really proud of that. I packed food, I was very careful when we ate out ( had fish each time). I also stayed hydrated which I never was good at before. I think some of it was that public bathrooms were so uncomfortable to use, especially if I couldn't use a handicapped one. But I noticed on this trip I felt...kind of normal...most of the time. I fit in seats, I didn't feel like everyone was staring at me. Maybe they are but I don't seem to care any more. Where I fit in the world, is changing. And that is huge for me.

Here are a couple photos. One is of me in my first pair ever of skinny jeans...it's a little dark but I was so excited to be wearing them. I haven't even worn any kind of jeans in years and years. The second was at lunch. I know, I need to smile...I'm working on that.

I could list a hundred things I'm still not happy about...but I'm really working on being grateful and okay with where I am every step of the way. Not later. Not when... Just okay with now. So I'll leave it at that.

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