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First Followup & Small Victories

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Hi all!
I had my first one on one (1:1) with the dietitian at the hospital. I only have a 3lb loss for the month, however, I am moving in the right direction. She told me to focus less on the scale number and MORE on the habit I'm forming of making better choices in eating.

I'm slow on the uptake usually, and it took me most of February to really accept my new reality and wrap my head around all the changes I need to make for that to happen. It is possible to be excited and gungho about something AND still self-sabotage it to pieces.

The dietitian said in her experience she has had very few (read: 1 or 2) patients who were totally 100% ready to be cleared for surgery after only three months. She said the realistic average is more like five months. Especially for me since I have to lower my BMI a bit.

We joined a gym as I mentioned in a previous post. We get Fit Points for each visit to the gym when we swipe our member cards and we can use the points to buy things from the pro shop or off their rewards site. We have a playful contest going to see who can rack up the most points the fastest.

I went to the gym at 10pm last night and got on the treadmill for a while because 1: I wasn't tired, 2: I had nothing better to do, and 3: I wanted to get more points than him lol. As a lovely side benefit I slept better last night than I have in a long time. So there's that.

Small victories for me so far: making myself go to the gym, even alone. Making myself leave my debit card at home so I can't buy anything I shouldn't be having.

Stay shiny!
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