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My struggle with breast cancer

Friday, April 08, 2016

2015 was not the greatest year for me. On April 29, 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. The shock I felt I could never describe, but if you have been there you will understand. I had surgery on May 25, 2015 and three weeks later I started chemo. If the cancer doesn't kill you, the chemo will or that was how I felt. During chemo treatment I was hospitalized twice. The first time was with blood clots in both of my lungs. I could hardly get off the couch and make it to the bathroom without passing out because I couldn't breathe. The second time it was because I had sepsis UTI's can be caused by chemo and I happen to be one of those that it happens to. Have that all under control by seeing a urologist. After all of that was finished including the 4 chemo treatments, I started radiation treatments. I had 37 of those. Fortunately, no bad side affects from that.

My breast cancer is called lobular cancer and only 10 to 15 per cent of women get this type of cancer. It is estrogen related and I was taking Premarin and it actually fertilizes this type of cancer. My doctor said there was only a 5% chance of getting cancer from taking this medication. Of course, I stopped taking it immediately upon finding this out.

Now I have to take a pill called Arimidex for then next 5 to 10 years. It will lower my estrogen levels to 1% and if tumors develop it will shrink them. I have been on this medication for 4 months now and after doing research on the medication I have found out that many people start to suffer with joint and muscle aches. It can be so bad that you can't hardly walk. This is starting to happen with me. It isn't every day, but when it is bad it hurts. I have to work through it, but if I can't walk, I do other things that do not involve my legs and hips. Why am I telling you this, it is because I belong to a wonderful team doing a 5% Challenge and I want them t know that I am doing my best to be a part of this team as I have for years.

Today was a good day with no aches and pains so I was able to do more today. Some days will not be as good as others. This is something I was not aware of, but I have to take these pills and I will work through them. Moving does help to subdue them

The SUDS Team has been very supportive of me and I appreciate this so very much. I didn't give in to the cancer and I WILL NOT give in to this. Thank you all for your caring and understanding. 2016 will be a better year for me because I know that God is with me and in control of the situation. I was told that I could have easily died both times I was in the hospital, but I didn't so I know he is watching over me.

I will give my best to my team and this will be a successful year for me.

Thanks again everyone!1

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can't recall if I have shared this with you, but several years ago I had a breast cancer scare, 5 cm phyllodes tumor. Scariest two weeks of my life waiting for the news. I had surgery to remove it. Because it was big and the phyllodes type, which can become cancer, my surgeon wanted to go back in and remove more of the breast. I said no.

    I recommend you read "What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You About Breast Cancer," by Dr. John Lee. It will amaze you. And yes, the pharmacological hormones are unsafe. Natural hormones are safe. Dr. Lee never sold products because he wanted to be taken seriously as a doctor. Since he died, though, his family has sold a progesterone cream made to his specifications.

    I take Ioderal, an iodine supplement (iodine is important for breast health as well as thyroid, and it often isn't in salt any more, and a lot of people restrict their salt, so many people are now deficient in iodine.) I take B complex, magnesium, and I use a progesterone oil. I find that easier than a cream.

    I hope you have removed skin care products with parabens. Parabens act like estrogen and can make you sick. Also many herbals can do the same thing, so I avoid taking supplements that include things like rosemary. Cooking with it occasionally is one thing, but taking it daily is quite another.

    Since then, I have started my low carb way of life, and I have learned that sugar feeds cancer. I also drink 1T Braggs apple cider vinegar in water every day to balance my ph. Alkalinity is supposed to have an effect on cancer.

    1531 days ago
    I just read your blog and am hoping that the medication that you are on is working. Cancer is the ultimate four letter word.
    1676 days ago
  • DOROTHY592
    Wow, you are an amazing strong woman!
    I wish you all the best that life has to offer
    god bless
    1794 days ago
    I cannot begin to comprehend the pain you and some of the people commenting are in. I just SO admire you for your COURAGE and PERSISTANCE in LIVING in spite of all the pain that has been thrown at you.

    Have you ever considered getting a recumbent bike? Or even something mild like a DeskCycle or a Theracycle? I read that these are a great help to people who have joint pain.
    1881 days ago
    Dearest Sue,,, we are SO HAPPY you worked ur hiney off and STAYED somehow WITH THE Team despite ALL you were ,, and now ARE facing. You are one REMARKABLE person,, who I hold very dear to my heart.

    Getting through the cancer,, the side affects and how to attacked ur body was NOT easy,,, still you did NOT give up ! My Moms cancer was also caused from estrogen,,, I REFUSE to EVER take ANY for that reason,,, plus she was a DES Mom,, were you? The baby she was carrying ,, who can be affected from that with cancer is me. It usually doesn't get passed to any babies after (so they currently say !) so yes,, I KEEP UP my exams,, and the MOMENT anything seems "strange" I go AT once to the Dr',,,,, she understands why and says "Better safe than sorry Diane, come ANYTIME!"

    You have had QUITE the battle,, I am so sorry to hear that with the new pill,, it makes ur joints ache so you can hardly move. Pain in the joints is AWFUL !!! I am not sure,, I think from what you wrote,, if you can make urself move even a little,, it helps. I find that with the fibro,, and bone,, joints injuries from the car accident. Its NOT EASY !! I have a friend,, Karen who was REFUSING to move when in a large amount of pain. I KEPT Telling her how much it HELPS, but yeah,, she's VERY ITALIAN ! STRUBBON !!! To say the VERY LEAST ! GRRRRRR !!! She had fallen at my house,,, ,I have a Canadian rocker,, and I KEPT telling her "Please do NOT sit there,,,, sit here." but, NOOOOOO She HAD to do as SHE WANTED. So it BROKE and over she went onto her back. I WISH I had a video of it,, I'd of put it on YouTube. She BROKE my chair,,, GRRR but, she also hurt herself. Ive NOT been to kind to her ,,,, for I'd TOLD AND TOLD her, but dang it all,, she does as SHE pleases. I am guessimating she weighs between 275 plus. To much for the chair,, or many of my things. I bought a chair for her.

    She has been in PT,,, I LOVE it,, the therapist looked at her record ,, she's been there a number of times,, he told her" I see you have been here many times. I am letting you kow, if you do NOT DO the exercises I ask you to do, I am NOT wasting my time trying to help you." hehehe ABOUT TIME Someone FINALLY told her ! So since she wanted the help so badly she started to do the ones he said. BINGO as I've been telling,, telling her,, IT WORKED !!! She can move easier,, and easier. Now she's about done ,,, 3 months later from PT,,, I am trying hard to get to keep going swimming. I feel SO AWFUL cause I was her swimming partner. It was HER decision to STOP swimming when I had to,,, a year ago next month. If she swims she'll continue to get better. She is also being tested for heart problems. When she forgets her BP med,,, she has such a hard time walking even over 2 minutes. That's NOT normal. She wasn't going to follow up,, I am forcing her too, and I'm going with her,,, she tends to not say what's happening "I forgot". So yeah,,, I want to know what's happening.

    You have learned so much,, grown through an unfortunate illness how to be stronger,, and yes,, as you said to rely on God more.

    If you get the time will you please read my blog about losing a friend? It'll catch you up on the "latest".

    1897 days ago
    You ROCK, Sue! What a great blog and what a great attitude about your journey. As for the exercise minutes, the only important thing is taking care of yourself and working only as much as you feel comfortable in working. It is great when we win but the only truly important thing is making the journey together! emoticon emoticon
    1898 days ago
    Sending hugs and prayers for your brave fight. emoticon emoticon You are doing so well during very hard times.
    1898 days ago
  • STONE815
    emoticon Hope you have many more good days and know that you are an important part of the team. My sister has been going through breast cancer and I take to some of her treatments. We have become closer and I believe we treasure each other more now.

    Take care of yourself and know we are all praying for a full recovery. emoticon
    1898 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5803168
    I am happy to meet another Survivor! I survived Hodgkin's Lymphoma 19 years ago. You are an inspiration and you are very positive. I feel for you and relate to the pain you are having I wish that hugs could pop through the screen emoticon
    1898 days ago
    Hugs. So glad you made it through all that and out here with us on spark. You are an inspiration. Lots of hugs and healing being sent your way. Blessing you hopefully with more good days than bad. Thank you for sharing your story.
    1898 days ago
    Blessings!! Thanks for sharing your story!!!
    1898 days ago
    With your positive outlook and personal strength you will win all your challenges. You are a leader!
    1898 days ago
    You do what you can do , we want you on our team, you have been with us a long time and you are more important than the amount of exercise you can do.We just want to see you well! Hugs,Cheri
    1898 days ago
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