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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Almost a year later and my last blog feels like it was yesterday. I remember that day. But what do I remember from it? Not the overeating, but enjoying my son, nephew, and husband and golfing, making food and treats for my family. hmm...

Anyway, here I am. I'm not going to go in depth with my failures or why I'm back, etc. it doesn't matter. What matters is that I am here now :)

I will say that for a few months I achieved what I always knew deep down was, on some level, possible. I lost weight without trying. I was in a routine, I was calm and happy, I was working my butt off at work (so I was physically active), I ate when hungry, I listened to my body about what to eat and when. It was simple. I didn't try.

Then all hell broke loose (3 majorly stressful things that had to be dealt with) and I gained back those 10-15 lbs and a few more.

I recently got a fitbit hr - that's been motivating me a lot to feel more active, and I feel proud when I look at how many steps I got on a really busy day and know that I am tired for a legitimate reason, I'm more proud of my accomplishments. and I'm more realistic about the days I'm more lethargic. the proof is right there so I can make a change. And I love that it tracks my sleep (motivating me to take better care of myself in that way) and I'm connecting with friends on challenges, etc.

Also the nicer weather is helping me get out more - I love hiking in my local forest preserve and have plans to check out all of the others around me this summer. I have a friend that meets up with me once a week to walk which is also nice.

I even finally sucked it up and (long story) went back to the doctor for full check ups and other than a couple tiny tweaks needed on raising good cholesterol I'm good! Total cholesterol and triglycerides were good, a blood result that had been troubling in the past was back in normal limits, pulse and blood pressure are really good, so that gave me hope that while my weight is bad, my activity and 1/2 healthy eating have at least helped. Now I'm making more tweaks here and there to make my daily life more healthy and nourishing. I was worried I'd hear bad things at the doctor and need more follow ups, so that was encouraging. and I'm proud I quit putting it off and just got ready to deal with it!

Hmm I think that's about it for now!

I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with you all. Even though I've been through this a few times I hope you'll think it's worth it to reach out again. It really is so helpful and part of what keeps me coming back, is the connection with others on here.

My journey continues...

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