Sunday, May 22, 2016

The dictionary describes attitude as: the way a person views something or tends to behave towards it, often in an evaluative way.

Here is how I evaluate my weekend:

My bro and his SO (Val) arrived early Friday afternoon, we had lunch and headed off to see the baseball game which is about a 2 hour drive away. It was drizzling when we got there but that was ok because we were going to the fundraiser dinner first which was absolutely delicious. The lobster was the best I have ever eaten, as was the steak. Yes, I did have the "volcano" chocolate cake too!! The drizzle turned to rain and the wind came up and the four of us were of the same thought and we headed for home. Val wasn't feeling well anyway and didn't have dinner so it was better all round that we go home. We were a little disappointed but knew we weren't anxious to sit out in the cold rainy weather to watch a ballgame. We thought we should take Val to Emerg but she wanted to wait until morning to see if "it" passed. Well, it didn't pass so off to Emerg we went, all except DH who wanted to watch the Preakness. I am not one to sit and do nothing so I took my crocheting and all was good in my world. I did go home before a doctor saw Val though as I thought I should put the roast beef in the oven and her puppy was sitting in their car, she needed to get some attention. Turns out Val needed to go to Calgary for a CT Scan - which I thought was a good idea so we went into Calgary. The Scan revealed a small opening in a rupture that had been repaired a number of years ago, some fluid in her pelvic area and possibly inflammation in the lower bowel but that shouldn't have caused the pain she had been feeling or the nausea. It was suggested she see her doctor when she got home - nothing for her pain or for the nausea!! I guess dinner smelled good when I finally got it on the table cause she was feeling better, no nausea and she was hungry. I had ibuprofin here and she took one which seemed to help and she was good this morning.

It was slushy raining this morning and bro and Val had already decided they should go home as it was too cold to want to do anything and the shush continued to fall. I think Bro was concerned about getting Val back to see her own doctor to get some satisfactory answers. We had breakfast and they left shortly thereafter.

It continues to rain and the wind is up. Rainy days are good for napping and I took advantage of it!! Rain and cool weather is forecast for tomorrow as well. Not sure what we will do tomorrow, a movie maybe if there is something playing that we are interested in or we could go visit friends or family. Whatever we do I think we need to get out of the house.

So that wraps up the weekend thus far. I got to see my bro and Val, my niece and her DH, my great nephew (the baseball player), have a few drinks, eat good food and have a few laughs, that is all good and the rain is most welcome as we were very dry which is all good too so I'm going to say we had a good weekend.

It all depends on my attitude doesn't it!
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    Val, I really enjoyed reading this account of your weekend. It was a little suspenseful to see what would happen with Val, and I was glad to hear that it things didn't turn into a real emergency. Otherwise, the nap on a rainy day sounds so cozy! Thanks for this glimpse into your peaceful life and your attitude of gratitude! emoticon
    1655 days ago
    It surely does all depend on your attitude!
    1655 days ago
    Yes, I would say you have a positive attitude. I don't know if I would have handled all that so well.
    1655 days ago
    Yes, I love your positive attitude. You did what you could with what was planned and unexpected both. I'm sorry they did not find a solution to her pain but also that you did for awhile. Best to "do no harm" and hopefully they will get some answers today. Glad they were able to head home to her medical team.

    Yes, if not napping; it sounds like a good day to get out. Seize the day! Hugs.
    1655 days ago
    I heard from a Calgary friend that it was snowing there... well it's a mild 25c here in Ontario... come see where we are this Victoria Day weekend, on my blog. emoticon emoticon
    1655 days ago
    Glad you had a weekend with spacial loved ones. I do hope your SIL will be okay.
    Your weather on the other hand doesn't sound so inviting so I won't begin to tell you about the warmth and sunshine that we had all weekend LOL.
    Sorry......had to do that. It's my evil twin sister who likes to tease others.

    Your positive attitude always shins through Val and that's what makes you so special.
    Hugs Susan emoticon
    1656 days ago
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