The big move is done and I'm exhausted

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

So last Saturday I moved. It was a stressful week and now is another one, even more stressful.

The move itself went well. My boyfriend got to my place Friday, we delivered some furniture back to people I'd borrowed from. The next day we finished packing, got rid of more furniture, packed up the vehicles and cleaned up the whole apartment. At one in the afternoon we were on the road and made it at 4:30 at our new place, unloaded the vehicles, and then I was left alone while he went back to the farm to pick up more stuff.

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, same thing Sunday, plus grocery shopping and we took a nice walk in the evening. Monday I was starting my new job and I wasn't feeling particularly nervous until the morning of. My oatmeal was sitting heavy on me. But it went well. Same nervousness yesterday morning. Today is my third day and I feel alright.

In itself I don't know if I'll like the job yet - I've only done training programs on the computer so far, on my own. Yesterday I already started answering phones. I have no clue what I'm doing but no one seems to mind, lol.

I also got a gym membership yesterday evening. That was quite frustrating. On their Facebook page and on the contract I signed it said I could do monthly pre-authorized payments (you know, like every gym in the world) but then the girl insisted I had to pay in full... I shouldn't have, but I did anyway - on my credit card since I don't have $550 available just like that. This morning I messaged their Facebook page asking if it was normal and quoting where it says I can make monthly payments... hopefully they will refund me and switch to monthly, but, whatever, we will see. My security deposit from my old apartment is coming back in the mail so I'll use it for that. (I was supposed to use it to buy a bike but I guess I'll have to forget about it...)

I think I've been putting too much pressure on myself to get everything done right away. I wanted to go to the gym this morning but I slept in. I'm exhausted. Moving and starting a new job right away isn't easy. I have to find my footing, create a new routine. I didn't want to make the same mistakes I'd done every time I'd moved - aka using my move for an excuse to... not do anything. Truth is, I've still been active, mostly with walking and yoga, and while I do miss my regular lifting, I'm a little scared of this new gym. Yesterday when I went it was completely crowded with the typical gym crowd, the music was very loud, and I felt so out-of-place. It's a 180 degree turn from my old, tiny unattended gym. Maybe it'll be different in the mornings, since I only go in the morning, I will see. I know I should have visited it thoroughly before paying and signing, but it's the only gym in town.

Tonight is relaxation night. My boyfriend has been very busy with the farm lately and hasn't made it home earlier than 8 every night so far, so I've been left on my own a little, and we're leaving Friday night to Winnipeg to shop for furniture and apartment stuff. We were supposed to make a list together but now I doubt we'll find the time! So I'm going to do it on my own tonight and he can add to it. I'll also do a longer yoga class because I feel very stiff and stressed. And I'll go to bed at a normal time and sleep eight hours. Maybe I'll go to the gym tomorrow morning, I'll see how I feel. I want to go once without a plan just to explore it, see what's there and what it's like. I plan on going back to my regular program Monday.

Food-wise I've been doing awesome with Lean Habits. Last weekend was hectic because of the move and I kinda threw it out the window, but for one day only (Saturday). Breakfast was fine and for lunch we had Subway subs but I scarfed down both meals because I was stressed about getting things done; then when we got gas at 2:30 in Whitewood I saw a sign saying the Klondike ice cream cones were on special so I decided to get us one each - even though we were not hungry. But it was such a hot day...

(Anyway, no excuses, it happened and I absolutely enjoyed it.)

Then for supper we had delivery pizza which was also scarfed down with beer while unpacking our kitchen stuff.

But Sunday I went straight back to it by making nice bowls of oatmeal for breakfast, and even though we ate out again for lunch, since then I've been fine and back to tracking most of the Habits positively daily.

My appetite has been going down the drain and I suspect it's stress combined with less training than usual since I haven't been to the gym this week. Outside of very light yoga and walking, I went on a run once (Monday evening) for 20 minutes. It's also been very hot here (it's supposed to be 34*C tomorrow - ouch) and I know that usually wrecks my appetite.

So overall, I know I need to relax and not put so much pressure on myself for everything. I found myself going back to habits I had successfully gotten rid of: keeping a to-do list constantly, feeling like I'm never doing enough, overpacking my calendar, and stressing about things out of my control. Tonight is my grounding night and I'll get around to doing all the things at home I'd been putting off and felt frustrated about, so that's good. I'm getting a medical tomorrow at lunch time for work, my last one was in June or July last year so I guess that's good :) although there might be charges, I'm not a fan of that! As a Canadian I'm not used to paying for medical services, hahaha.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looks like you braved it all very well. :) The habit of stress and being hard on oneself is hard to control. It sounds like you did great. :)
    1831 days ago
    Ohhh darling! You did good by taking matters in your hands quickly. This is how you keep the wagon going... though, maybe, a bit more time to adjust would be great =)
    I hope you find your new place amazing and keep us posted on the farm events, like when you'll go round picking bales and bales of hay =)
    Good luck!

    1841 days ago
    Sounds like an interesting mix of good and bad experiences. Kudos to you for allowing yourself some slack for moving and new job. It's a lot of new at one time, you'd be weird if you weren't stressed! If you think you are not expecting too much of yourself (or are), stop and consider, if you had a dear friend going through exactly what you are going thru, what would you expect or recommend as "normal" and "reasonable" and "healthy" for them? So now you'll know if what you are doing is reasonable, or if your stressors are in control. Here's hoping the gym works out. I bet it will still be pretty quiet in the mornings. And no matter who's there, you paid your dues, you deserve to be there, AND you are freakin' awesome because you are there, taking care of your body and mind. (Just saying this in case you've forgotten to say it to yourself). I bet it's all old hat and comfortable within 2 weeks. You have developed such good habits recently, I bet they come back easily.
    1841 days ago
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