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Monday, June 20, 2016

So it's been two weeks since I moved. It feels like two months with all that we got done, lol.

Last week was more and more tiring. I was pretty much just waiting for the weekend to arrive. I wanted to sleep in, to have some time to do nothing and relax, I wanted our apartment to be "done" and it felt like there was still so much to do...

I got good news Thursday when I got a paycheck - I thought my first one would be on June 30th, so I was living on a 5 days paycheck from my last job until then and barely had enough to go by (my boyfriend had to pay for groceries for the both of us). But then I got a full 10 days paycheck (with my now higher wage) and I got pretty excited. After discussing it with my boyfriend I decided to put half of it on my debts and the other half for stuff I've wanted for a while but couldn't afford.

Friday night we decided to have a bit of a date night at home. Though it was greatly delayed by sitting around and unpacking boxes, and walking to the liquor store to get wine. Finally at 8 we settled in front of plates of pasta and glasses of wine and some music, we ate and talked without bothering with the dirty dishes, it was awesome.

Saturday morning was spent at the farm spraying the fields for three hours until the sprayer broke down - oops - but then the wind picked up so we couldn't get anything done anyway. I was getting grumpy by then (still tired, uncomfortable in the sprayer (there's only one seat so I gotta sit on the kind of shelf with a cup holder in it) and hunger) so we just went home and had a bunch of leftovers for lunch, pasta salad, chili, veggies, toasted ciabatta. Then we went shopping for a couple hours to kinda finish most of our big list we made after moving. We got more apartment keys for spares and for his parents (I tend to lock myself out a LOT lol) and some odds and ends at Walmart. Back home after unpacking we realized we had set a date with a friend at 6 (and not at 6:30 like we thought) so we had to rush getting ready and walking to the restaurant.

We waited for the guy outside for 15 minutes but he didn't answer his cellphone so finally we went inside and there he was waiting for us - oops! I felt SO BAD! We had a reaaaaally nice evening with delicious foods and beer, we stayed there until 11:30 at night, it was pretty dead for a Saturday night, but then again I don't know the locals' habits for nights out. The guy is a German intern at a nearby big-name farm and he arrived in April and is staying until November. He's our age and pretty nice - but also lonely since it's hard to meet people here, especially people our age. So that was really fun.

Sunday, more sleeping in, that was a pure pleasure, and my boyfriend made pancakes for breakfast. His first shot at vegan pancakes and he totally nailed it :) then... yup, more shopping again. The wind was NUTS. We emptied our outside storage that was overflowing with cardboard boxes and took it to the recycling center. We bought a few things at Staples and then went to Canadian Tire to look for plants because we had extra planters. They didn't have any seeds but I took a look at bikes and... yup, ended up buying one! It was 50% off - it's a $600 bike - and it's AWESOME. (And red and shiny and new.) I got really freaking excited and kinda wanted to ride it RIGHT NOW but we still had stuff to do at home and it was way too windy anyway. We picked up some seeds at Peavey's (they had catnip seeds!!!) and then went home and did our planters. The living room is a jungle because we yet have to make a bench to put all of our plants on, but I'm happy with so much greenery around. For someone who used to kill every single plant she owned - that's pretty awesome to have ten of them doing so well and getting huge under my care. (When my cat is not eating them.)

We had to go to the farm check on the rain meter and clean up the yard a bit (the wind blew empty fertilizer containers everywhere) and back at home I started supper while we unpacked the last of our things, installed the new printer, etc. We also hung frames and wall art everywhere and it's starting to really feel like home. For supper we had roasted acorn squash with kale chips and some taco lentils preparation, it was sooooo good. After supper we wanted to catch a movie but our TV was updating for some reason and we couldn't use it, so I suggested we took a walk, which we did.

I was firm on going to the gym this morning. I ended up not going at all last week because I was too exhausted and I had a nasty cold settling in - woke up with a sore throat all week. But after resting and feeling better I decided it was about time I really settled into a routine and started using this membership, lol! I think it was also a bit of fear on my side - a whole new gym, with new people, a new ambiance, new machines, new settings. I was scared of taking too long and being late to work, etc.

So this morning I got up at 5:30 feeling very well rested (even though I had a nightmare in which I hyperventilated - and apparently had a panic attack in my sleep, my boyfriend had to shake me better but I never woke up, weird), put my clothes on and walked to the gym (it's about 8 minutes). On my whole way there I was repeating to myself: they don't care, and you don't care. I felt very intimidated for some reason. The first (and only) time I went, on the 9th, the two girls at the counter were very nice and nobody in the gym gave me any kind of attention, yet I still felt lost and out of place. It reminded me of when I started going to the small town gym last July and was too scared to leave the cardio room, lol.

So this morning it went well. I was still COMPLETELY lost - the setting is so different from what I'm used to. There's a LOT of machines and they're a bit cramped together, then there's a super long row of free weights in front of mirrors, but the area is full of benches and the like - no "open area" for non-supported dumbbell stuff like lunges. There's a little closed back room where they give group classes and the door was open, there's exercise balls in there and some other things but nobody was going in so I wasn't sure if I should use it for my free weights or not.

I walked around a lot with a confused look on my face and ended up doing half of my Monday program, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. I got a couple side glances but I decided to assume it's because I'm a new face, not because I looked dumb, LOL. I did some lunges, pull-downs, leg curls and pushups, then 5 minutes of intervals on the treadmill and I left. I wasn't there long, but I want to ease into the new gym and get rid of my time stress. Overall, it was pretty good.

I do miss my old gym, with the same 3 faces every morning, the large open areas, and having control over the music volume - they were BLASTING it this morning (like every time I went) and two women had to yell over it to talk with each other, it made me so uncomfortable. I would like to use my iPod but I'm afraid I'll never hear it there. I'm also very very not used to having to "share" equipment, even though that's the whole point of a gym, I'm used to not having to wait for a machine, I pretty much knew everyone else's routine and we worked with each other.

Anyway, I know I just have to get used to it. I'm going back Wednesday and Friday, again without a really set program, just to ease into it. Then if everything goes well, next Monday I'll go back to my Lift Like A Girl program, I've got two weeks to do on it and then I'm going on to Phase III.

Food-wise, again, doing pretty okay. Two weeks after moving I think I can finally start a "better" meal routine. We've been eating out a LOT to my taste (Friday lunch, Saturday night and Sunday lunch - wow) and even though I've been having lots of veggies and "better" options when we do - it's still heavily processed, fatter, etc. I also had a lot to drink both Friday and Saturday and I can feel it now, I'm bloated and I look kinda softer. It doesn't help that I barely did any workouts since moving. This morning after the gym I was stretching at home and I was soooo stiff! I couldn't believe how much flexibility I've lost - I haven't been keen on yoga lately and it shows.

So yeah, after resting plenty last weekend, I'm ready to settle into my new life better and to make a routine. I'm very excited about my bike and I plan on using it as much as I can. Going to the grocery store, the mall and the gym is pretty much right there - so it's even faster with my bike. I'll also ride it around and explore the city while my boyfriend is gone (he's leaving Wednesday for two weeks). I will also go back to my nightly yoga EVERY DAY (I was so exhausted every time I went to bed last week that I just fell asleep right away and skipped yoga) and keep up with the gym three times a week. It'll be easy to skip eating out since I basically have no money for that. It was never my suggesting that we do anyway - we have plenty of food at home - and I never suggest it when I can't afford it myself.

Luckily for me my boyfriend is very supportive and already has very healthy habits. After eating out so much he told me he was craving veggies and something fresher. He also told me yesterday that he's a bit concerned about his health. Even though his weight is very healthy, he's not super active and he's the kind of person who can eat pretty much whatever (and he eats a LOT) and not gain weight, which isn't necessarily a good thing since you don't know what's going on inside your body. Of course he's active on the farm, but I thought that farmwork was way "heavier" than what I now know. There's a bit of dragging heavy things and fixing stuff, but it's also a LOT of sitting down in a tractor pushing buttons. It's still better than an office job, but there isn't that much movement involved, and pretty much no cardio.

He doesn't really wanna get a gym membership because his schedule is so hectic, that he doesn't think he could be regular with it and thus it's not worth it. He thought maybe only for the Winter he'd get one. Meanwhile I keep reminding him to bring his bike to the apartment so we can go on rides together (it's at the farm now and he never uses it). But he's been pretty good with coming with me on walks, which is very new to me from a boyfriend, hahaha. I do enjoy walking with him very much so that's neat.

Another week at work starting now. I got my boots voucher Friday so I got a pair of work boots Saturday at Mark's. For some reason I find them cute LOL. I'm used to seeing my boyfriend's huge work boots (he's a size 12) and mines are so tiny in comparison even though I'm a size 8-9. I brought them to work today but I'm just waiting for an occasion to have to put them on. Basically I'm always at my desk so I just need a reason to go outside on the site, hahaha. I'm glad though because I can use them on the farm now. I look pretty bada$$ with them.
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  • ALP1976
    OH boy! I remember when I first started at my gym -- I was so nervous because I was so accustomed to what my original gym offered, where everything was, who was there, etc. Now, I love my gym. I would be so lost without it!! You'll get it -- before you know it, you'll be high fiving everyone in there as you load up that bar! Go girl!
    1830 days ago
    I hate moving, but when it is over its nice
    1830 days ago
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