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Aftermath of Donut Caper, Expensive Habits, Packed Heating Pad Away, & Misc.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, after months of no sugar, I was at a social function of sorts and had a humongous donut. That weekend, I thwarted temptation, but once I open that sugar door, it is a huge struggle to maintain "sobriety." It's been a sugar-drenched two weeks since then although I did ward off having more donuts. I found a gourmet bar of chocolate and remembered the articles about how chocolate eaters live longer than non-eaters of chocolate. Of course, I'm going to live a lonnnnnng time according to how much I ate.

The good news to all this is that it gets easier to get back in the right direction after having started healthier directions before. But once I introduce that demon poison, sugar consumes me.

This morning, I was waiting to pay for gas and the woman in front of me in line bought $30 of scratchers and three packs of cigarettes. I realized that I simply couldn't have afforded other bad habits like smoking. I added up her purchase and it equaled what some people spend for groceries.

I noticed that when I do well getting rid of one bad habit, I do well with a couple of others. Conversely, when one goes out the window, they all seem to go. Yes, that good ole "all or none" way of looking at life.

On the caffeine front, after two months of none, I wonder if there is life after coffee. I mean, my energy level is zilch.

Another (almost) pain-free day, which is the 4th consecutive day in a row after several months of post-shingles constant nerve pain. I packed away the heating pad, which is a huge victory for me today. Besides scheduling the nutritionist for August, I'm also scheduled for acupuncture. Again, I may wind up canceling both as I hate going into medical offices. Just my personal bias. But acupuncture has been a powerful tool for me in the past and I want to rebuild my immune system before flu season arrives.

What else? I think that's all for now. Hope everyone has a happy, healthy day.
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    I'm very relieved to hear that in old age I will not end up all alone as I will still have you. LOL. I have a daily portioned piece of 85% high cacao, low sugar chocolate. At this point I have probably eaten enough chocolate that I won't even have to die.

    I get energy from exercise. You would not think of getting energy from taking speed so don't consider going back to coffee. It is one and the same.

    So glad you are finally getting some relief from the pain.
    1432 days ago
    Shingles is such a powerful virus. I'm sure it has contributed to your lack of energy! There does seem to be a snowball effect with bad habits.... Giving up 1 leads to another and bringing in 1 leads to another! Yay us! I love acupuncture! Don't give that one up! Can you really consider it a medical office? I don't somehow! Yay You!
    1432 days ago
    There is life after caffeine! It does take time to adjust. I'm finally headache free & don't "need" my coffee fix on the weekends anymore! WooHoo!
    I've sure heard about pain from shingles, sure hope you feel completely better soon!
    Take care,
    1432 days ago
    i think your tiredness is wrapped up in your shingles once you get back to a regular schedule it will boost back up. the nutritionist and acupuncturist are a good idea . Hugs
    1433 days ago
    Good for you!-Lynda
    1433 days ago
    You did good with the donut monster. You can send me the heating pad as
    my knee is playing up. Don't give up the acupuncture. I can't wait to have
    some more treatment on my knee next month. The college I go to is on holidays
    and come back for second semester next month. Good to know your pain
    is now manageable.
    I was housesitting for 6 days and there was some dark chocolate in the pantry
    but I only had 2 squares - 1 on two different days. It was so cold in the house
    and I kept making cups of tea and gave way a couple of times to having the
    Greek ccokies with my tea. Otherwise I think I did pretty good. emoticon
    1433 days ago
    chocolate works for me
    1433 days ago
    1433 days ago
    Sorry the donut monster has his arms around you...The sugar & doughy pleasure sensation is almost be much to take, right? I guess my question would be how do you feel following eating it? For me, I feeling so dopey & sluggish after the sugar intake...this includes even the aspartame in crystal light...I have started diluting my H20 to make it drinkable...

    Have you tried magnesium if you are missing the caffeine buzz? May beef up the energy or have the B vitamins checked.

    I know what you mean about all or nothing days...that's me too! emoticon emoticon
    1433 days ago
    1433 days ago
  • HETTA1949
    I really enjoyed reading about your donut/sugar binge. I stopped at Duncan Donut yesterday for a coffee roll . I asked for one but the guy asked me if I wanted the last two that were left. Weak I bought both. Good I ate 1 saved 1 for today.
    1433 days ago
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