I'm Starting Over Again...

Saturday, July 02, 2016

--and I must admit--

it feels like crap.

Yeah, yeah; I'm optimistic and all...but I also don't feel like doing this. I need to; I want to; my body just says "na-ma-stay here, k?" You know? it's like moving a ton of peaut butter. ...with a stick.


I have to do this though. I'm tired; I'm inflexible; I'm so tired of being inflexible. and I can't even climb a flight of stairs. I'm so freaking out of shape it's ridiculous; how did this happen? I was so happy and felt so good and was full of energy (relative to now, at least)...!

I'll tell you how it happened: laziness, and that word they have for people who eat too much that I can't think of (all I can think of is "engorgio!" from Harry Potter).

I really don't care what the word is; you get that I'm fat and I eat badly and way too much, right? I'm sorry, but it's the truth. I threw out all my health...and for what?


Maybe you'll say "you're not that fat," but so what?! I'm fat enough; I don't need to be fatter to realize that this body is broken down--

...and holding me back....

So look out! I'm coming after you, fats!!
(Lord, sparkpeople, angels, and masters--AND GODDESS--help me to stick with it).

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