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A new approach...that starts completely with me

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I saw this and I realized that when it comes to keeping up with eating correctly and exercising, this has been my major downfall. I have finally realized that I have become obsessed with seeing results and ignoring how much I feel better when I make the right decisions.

The first time I went on the journey in 2010 I was able to lose 70 pounds and I kept it off for over a year with minimal fluctuations and I still had another 20 to lose. I see now, in some of my older pictures all I saw in the mirror was what I had left to lose instead of embracing how much I had lost and how far I had come. Buying new clothes because my old ones were falling off of me was not even registering to me. I see my old clothes now and realize how far I had gone.

I have already started my journey again, for the umpteenth time this year, but I want to go into this with a new mentality. I am going to judge how well I'm doing by how I feel and how my clothes fit. Not focusing on how I look in the mirror, because I see myself everyday, it would take way too long for me to really notice that change, and I realize that now. Not focusing on the scale, because it is not ok to obsessed with a number because I am not defined by that number.

I've been at my new job for a month now and these people, while on a different journey, have already taught me so much about resilience. No matter how many times they fall they get back up and even seek help when they need it. If they can do this with addictions and mental illnesses, I can do this with my own health.

Monday I will be going to the gym. I will be listening to my body as I workout, instead of saying I cant due to the pain I have in my hip, upper back and ribs. If it hurts, I will stop. No more excuses to not be active. Stretching, cardio, and strength training may help with building strength in those areas and the pain could subside. I will never know until I try it out.

This begins the journey of changing my views and how I think about myself as well as taking care of my body since it is the only one I have. I know I will stumble and get off track, but that is ok. I am human and I will make mistakes, I just have to bounce back from them when they happen. Everyday is a new day to make a good decision about yourself. I am going to try and think this way everyday, start loving myself more everyday.

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