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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If you have been following my blogs at all the last few months, I have been sharing a lot of reviews on products that I have received for free for testing purposes from Influenster. When I received this product however, I was really excited but also nervous to try it. For quite some time now, I have been averaging about 7-8 hours of sleep each night, but it has taken me way too long to fall asleep and my sleep has not been restful. When I received my Garmin Vivofit for Chirstmas, I was excited to put it to use and was not shocked when I saw how unrestful my sleeps really were. During my average night, I was only in deep sleep for, maybe, 4 hours and was usually "awake" for at least 30 minutes throughout the night. It all made sense as to why I would wake up still feeling tired and as it I hadn't gotten much sleep.

So when I received my #ZzzQuil Voxbox from Influenster, I was excited to try it because I was really hoping that it could solve my problem of having a restless nights sleep. I mentioned that I was also nervous. When I first heard about ZzzQuil, I was under the impression (due to word of mouth and not research) that it was a non-habit forming sleep aid that one of the main ingredients was something that wasn't all too healthy for you. After receiving my sample, I really looked into the ingredients and did my research. What I had been told, was not true, so with my research done, I got back to my excitement of testing this product.

ZzzQuil claims:
Help you fall asleep in LESS THAN 20 minutes
Sleep soundly and wake refreshed
Not for pain, just for sleep and
Non-habit forming

The directions also include making sure you have time to get a sufficient nights sleep, so a minimum of 7-8 hours.

As I prepared to try my sample, I wanted to truly test this with no changes to my normal night time routine. So as I got ready for bed, I did my nightly social media wind down of seeing what all fun things my friends did that day, did my daily devotions and Bible reading and then ended with my gratitude journal. As I finished up, I took my sample, looked at the time, set my Garmin to "Sleep" and closed my eyes.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt...refreshed. When I synced my Garmin and viewed my sleep results however, I was disappointed. Remember the claims I listed above? Well, I did in fact fall asleep within 20 minutes, it actually only took me 14 minutes! That was good news. The disappointing news comes from the "Sleep soundly" part. I checked my sleep for 2 nights prior and for both of those nights, I was in deep sleep for 4-4.5 hours. My night from ZzzQuil only gave me 3.5 hours of deep sleep! I was "awake" for 45 minutes and then only lightly asleep for the rest of my night! WHOA! Even though I woke up feeling refreshed, I actually had less sleep than my norm. But, I thought, well, let me check my sleep for two more nights after ZzzQuil and see what my results are from them to see if maybe the two nights prior were the abnormal nights. Nope. The two nights after were pretty much the same as the two nights prior. :/

After looking at all the facts, I can say that I probably will not purchase ZzzQuil again for myself. If I was just looking to fall asleep faster, then this would be great for me. But, I really am looking for a good nights sleep without so much awake/active time and ZzzQuil did not help me to sleep soundly. So with that being said, I will continue to try oils, relaxation techniques and anything else to try to get a good nights sleep where I can sleep soundly for more than 4 hours.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to test and review products for Influenster. Influenster is all about getting real peoples reviews on products because we all want real reviews and not just what the products want us to hear. If you want to help others by giving your own real review, consider joining the Influenster community! It is totally free to join and you can receive some really cool products that may even become one of your new faves! If you want to join the Influenster community, you can join here:

***I was not compensated for this post, however, I am creating this post as part of a contest***

On a side note, I would appreciate any advice on good free blog sites that I could use for these review blogs. I love receiving these products from Influenster and sharing my reviews of these products, but I do realize that this is a fitness page and many times the products I receive are not fitness related so I feel a bit bad posting so many blogs that are non-fitness related. So if you know of a good blog site, please let me know! :)
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  • CGARR442
    I have taken zzzzquil a few times to help me fall asleep and I have found that just taking a sip (of the liquid) it is enough to help me relax and fall asleep. If I take a full dose I find that I sleep, what I feel, is too hard and I'm groggy.
    1739 days ago
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