-67 lbs Since 03/09/16- Age 61, PCOS & Lipedema

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I lost 67 pounds and over 60 inches since March 9, 2016! I lost 7 inches in my waist, 4 inches in each of my thighs, etc! I gained so much weight in 2014/15, I reached the highest weight I had ever been, and my lymphatic system began shutting down. My legs and my feet swelled up so huge, and I got scared. My knees were so huge I couldn't even step on a bathroom scale... And I began wearing skirts and dresses, not able to find pants that would fit my legs. I was absolutely miserable! I had great difficulty climbing stairs. My sister-in-law came for a visit and she suggested going to a specialist for lymphedema, so I had my appointment in October 2015. At age 60, weighing in at 320 pounds, My general practitioner wanted me to have gastric bypass surgery. When I visited the lymphedema specialist, she told me I had lipedema– a syndrome that multiplies fat cells in my legs. She told me having gastric bypass surgery would not help me, I would only lose weight from the waist up... And she did not like the idea because surgery is so invasive. Because of my PCOS and my lipedema, My lymphedema specialist put me on a very restricted diet, taking out the glycemic and starchy veggies, and gave me a list of lean, veggies, fruits, and proteins. Once I realized insurance would not pay for the $30,000 surgery, I decided to go with the restricted diet on March 9, 2016 I began. I AM LOSING WEIGHT!!! I have tried everything, and nothing I did would cause me to lose weight, stepping on the scale each week losing 2-3 ounces.... Being so depressed after being so perfect all week long, exercising hours each day, my Cortizone levels would shoot upwards due to the stress. I never would have imagined that simply dropping things like carrots, green beans, bell peppers from my diet would make such a successful difference for me!!! I now lose ounces each day, and several pounds per week at age 61, even with all my medical hindrances. I've learned that this is such a pure diet, it's virtually a cleanse. I can tell when I eat something my body is sensitive to because I show a gain on the scale (I must weigh in every single day to learn what I am sensitive to). I've also learned when I eat raw red cabbage that I always lose the next day. (It is anti-inflammatory.) WHAT I EAT... I eat from this limited food list, it is very Paleo, I had to drastically limit my choices to finally find success. Diet Shopping: • Stevia is the only sweetener I am allowed. • Coconut oil is the only oil I am allowed. • Salad dressings and All medications must be sugar-free/fat-free. • 1 tablespoon milk allowed per day. • 1 Melba toast allowed per day. • Fruits must be eaten 6-hours apart. • Don't repeat same meal twice in a day. • If it is not on this list, don't eat it. FRUITS: (2 Per day, 6-hours apart.) Oranges Apples Grapefruit Lemons Fresh Ginger VEGGIES: Asparagus Bee
t greens Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower Celery Ch
ard Cucumbers Fennel Lettu
ces-Romaine Onions- White, yellow, red Red radishes Salsa- Fresh Spinach- fresh Tomatoes PROTEINS: Chic
ken and Turkey BEEF extra lean: • Eye of round roast or steak • Sirloin tip side steak • Top round roast and steak • Bottom round roast and steak • Top sirloin steak FISH: • Wild Chilean sea bass • Flounder • Sole • Halibut • Orange roughy • Lobster • Shrimp • Tilapia- we added this one on to the list Everybody's body is a miracle, and is different… This food list works for me!
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