September Goals

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Welcome to my favorite season of the year!!! Ok, I know...I still have a few weeks before I can truly say it is Fall. I love Fall so much! I wish I could live somewhere where it was Fall all year long! That would truly be my happy place. I love the weather, the colors, the hoodies, the bonfires, the pumpkin spice...need I go on?

Anyways, as some of you know I have re-started (AGAIN) on August 28th. I have a feeling this will be my last re-start. Something in myself has changed...I don't want to feel this way anymore and I realize now that the only way I can change the way I feel is by changing the way I live. It's not easy...I have had to fight...and I'm only 3 days in! This morning I weighed in 2.4 pounds down from the 28th and I am inspired to keep this trend going!

So, without further ado, below are my goals for September! I am excited for this month and the changes that are going to come with it..both in nature and in myself!

1. Workout 3 Times per Week - This is one goal that I REALLY have trouble with. I know that working out is imperative to my success but it is hard for me to even move around let alone workout. I know the more I do it the better I will feel so my goal is 3 days a week. Focus will be on cardio and hoping to incorporate strength next month.

2. Track My Food - The goal of all goals! Tracking works...I know it and you know I just need to do it. I am not perfect but I will strive for close to perfection. My goal is to track my food 6 days a week. This also includes staying within range 6 days a week. Allowing myself 1 cheat meal a week.

3. Clean - My house is looks like a frat house..I am a horrible housekeeper..I hate to clean...but it needs to be done. My goal is to do better at this...I know that my house will always looked lived in but there is a strong difference between frat house and a home.

4. Be positive - I suffer from depression and anxiety. Lately I have been so depressed and have had a really rough time coming out of it. The past two weeks have been rough and I am scared with how down I have felt. I am going to actively try to turn this around by not forgetting to take my medication and to try and see the glass half full.

5. Sign Into Spark! - So last month this was a goal and that goal was failed but I want to actively participate in my groups..make sure I make time to check in with my support team. I need Spark more than ever if I want to make these changes stick.

So that's it folks! I am going back to basics and tracking my calories in vs. calories out! Working on getting in some activity and sticking to my support system!

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