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Before and After

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Before and After

Before weight watchers my knees, ankles, hips hurt so much that I dreaded walking and so it was easy to pass up exercise of any kind. I had acid reflux, high blood pressure.

Now, because of my weight loss and a few necessary joint replacements, no one can stop me. I exercise daily, walk my dog, play golf, and swim.

Before weight watchers I was embarrassed at my figure. My hips stuck out like ledges and my chest was so big I could and did put a plate on it. I hated shopping. Never found anything I loved. I had multiple sizes and when I went to put something on, sometimes it didn't fit.

Now, my husband keeps telling me I'm tiny and hot. A nice thing to hear when you just hit your 70's. Clerks in stores move me to the small clothes. I have one set of clothes now and when I go into my closet everything fits. Since I've been at goal for almost 5 years, I've actually given older small close to Good Will.

Before weight watchers while I was teaching, my students referred to me as heavy set some I'm sure used the fat word. I couldn't walk down a school bus without sashaying back and forth.

Now, my former students cheer me and tell me how great I look. Some have even asked for advice.

Before weights watchers, I was on a trip to the Hoover Dam and my brother wanted me to sit in the front seat of the helicopter. The pilot politely told me that I was too heavy and would throw off the weight load.

Now, I don't think twice about helicopters, planes, restaurant seats, and stadium seats.

Before I couldn't keep up with my grandkids and couldn't get on the floor much less get up without turning to me knees and grabbing furniture. I ran out of steam when I played with them.

Now, I can get on the floor and get back up. I've taught them pickle ball and have beat them. (That was before my wrist issues.) The last few summers we have swam, played baseball, bowled and hiked.
Clearly, I love living in the now and will never go back to the before! (I tried writing this on my computer and copying and pasting so if it looks weird, that is why. Still learning about this site.)
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