Day 15

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Yesterday was 2 weeks in. I have lost 8 pounds so far, but I'm not eating very healthy. It's awful to say, awful to admit. The past 2 weeks, I stayed within my points which was my goal, but I've ate practically everything processed (frozen meals and fast food thrown in there a few days). So yesterday I had my splurge meal. I went to Chinese like I had dreamed about since beginning this two weeks ago. It was good. I did t eat anything else the rest of the day, and I was proud of that. I've been Instagraming meal ideas and such to get me away from the frozen things. I need like a casserole or something I can fix to divide up to take to work all week. Still need to research some more....
This is what I'm having tomorrow

Also I bought some pretty red lipstick today...:)

Have a good evening!!!
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