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Monday, October 31, 2016

Note: Excuse the errors because typing on a mobile device can make someone sound a little less intelligent than they actually are. emoticon

I absolutely love animals. They are everything that is right with the world.

Earlier this month, a new showed aired on Animal planet. It's called "Life at Vet U." It's about fourth year vet students at the University of Pennsylvania. It's interesting to see the challenges they have to face and their passion and knowledge is amazing but mostly, I love seeing the animals, especially when they get well. :)

I strongly believe everyone has a purpose. For some reason, for a long time, I always thought it HAD TO BE tied into a career but it doesn't. If it can be, that is great but it isn't necessary. I wish my younger mind would have understood this because it would have prevented some overthinking and over worrying.

As much as I love animals, I was not made for surgeries and looking at guts and all of that fun stuff. At the same time, I am SO happy there are people who have the mind and knowledge to help our furry friends.

I think the rest of us will stick to babying our little furry friends. :)

If you love animals, check out the show. A reality show that is actually worth watching and where people aren't dropping millions of dollars on a dress but are spending their time invested in becoming doctors to help animals!

So, what do you think your purpose is? What are your passions? Cooking? Photography? Playing an instrument? Writing? Drawing? Becoming a future vet or doing the job you do now?

No matter what life is like, you have to include doing stuff that
brings you peace and happiness. That is how we keep balance. Without balance, we turn to self medicating. Maybe by binging on Halloween candy. We become too complacent. Sometimes, it's depression and we have to work so hard to fight through it. That's okay. Even when you have battles like that, if you can use it to understand others, become more empathetic, or help others through listening and advice, that is something that serves a purpose and that's important too.

Dont devalue yourself and know that even if you don't know what your purpose is, you do have one. Maybe it is just being there for your family. Maybe you are already doing something that makes a positive impact without even being aware or maybe you will find it later down the road.

:) Hope you guys have a great day!
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