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Saturday, November 05, 2016

This season does not like me. Last month, I had a fever and a burning throat and ears and then a sinus infection as well. This month, I catch a cold. My head is stuffed up and the congestion and sinuses are intense. No headache right now but so that's good . As soon as the wind swoops in, that's it. 95% of the time, it ends up with a sinus flare or some sort of allergy attack. Hopefully, this cold won't last too long. I live in a warm climate. If I lived in the freezing cold, my head wouldn't handle it well. The seasons changing would be such a sight and seeing more green spaces and nature would be amazing. I'm okay with not living in those freezing temperatures though. You guys go through so much. Shoveling the snow out of the driveway, having chains on your tires, dealing with blizzards, etc. Everyone has to do what they have to do but this warm weather isn't taken for granted.

So, today, the plan is water, hot tea, soup, and if possible, sleep.

Hope you are all doing well. Be careful out there. The germs are making their rounds!

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