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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Someone posted this a few days ago and I thought I’d elaborate on it


"Watch your thoughts, it becomes words."
"Watch your words, it becomes actions."
"Watch your actions, it becomes habits."
"Watch your habits, it becomes character."
"Watch your character, it becomes destiny."

"Watch your thoughts it (they) becomes words." Have you ever opened your mouth and spewed forth words without thinking? Hmm I do that all the time and that behavior is known as "Speaking your mind." Sometimes I catch myself and say, out loud, "Oh did I just say that?" I have often told people “You will never have to guess whether or not I like you.” Simply put, I can’t be nice to people I don’t like – something I learned from my father, good or bad that is the way I am built. (That forwardness has gotten me in trouble a time or two and I’ve made and lost friends because of it. AND sometimes it isn’t what I say it’s how I say it.)
I have recently started stopping my thoughts and replacing them with a more pleasing, pleasant thought. When we think negative thoughts continuously we will become negative people. Negative thoughts can lead to depression.

“Watch your words, they becomes actions.” This could be a good thing, like here at SP. I said I was going to lose weight and look at that I did. Now I need to say more things like I’m going to get back to my goal weight or I am going to get up earlier.

Being a “Person of your word” is a good thing, you are trustworthy. If you say you are going to do something, then DO IT. I know people that don’t follow through on their promises and I simply smile and change the subject, thinking “Yeah I know that is just lip service, what you say and what you do are 2 entirely different things.” Then other times I just broadside them with exactly what I am thinking, depending on the circumstance and how long that person has been b.s ing me. Do I want to be a friend of or with someone untrustworthy? Why? when there are so many others out there that are trustworthy?

"Watch your actions, it (they) become habit" I'm afraid that's happening to me right now and I am not liking it. I'm not a morning person so don't like to get up but then I am upset with myself when I do get up thinking - ‘I have wasted a large part of the morning and before I know it darkness will have settled around us.’- I'm not in a deep sleep anyway and wake up several times before I finally slide my feet over the edge of the bed, I just need to slide out of bed sooner!!! JUST. Seeing as I'm not leaving the house today I am going to jot down a few things on my To Do List and put it on my bedside table. Maybe that will get me moving earlier.

"Watch your habits, (they) become character." If I continue to sleep in day after day will I become a Sleepy Head? If I am a sleepy head will I become lazy? Good grief I hope not.

“Watch your character, it becomes destiny” When one continually tells falsehoods that person becomes known as a liar. Oh what a wonderful way to be known! Now that’s something I can’t stand or understand. Why do people do that?

We’ve all heard the words “He/she is quite a character” So maybe that person could make a living as a comedian! That wouldn’t be so bad ----- I guess.


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  • MAYIE53
    Hey Verna, I found the blog. Could relate to soooooo much of it. In many ways I am the same. People definitely know where they stand with me but that bluntness, which I have sometimes thought of as honesty, has not always worked in my favor. I had a teacher in grade 5 who ticked off the box 'needs improvement' beside 'accepts guidance'. As I was not used to receiving any comments less than 'excellent' I approached her and asked for (demanded?) an explanation. (This was a teacher who liked me no more than I liked her)
    My response to her explanation . . . a serious case of eye rolling which I likely had been unaware of prior to this. "That right there is exactly what I'm talking about," she said. There have been times in my adult life when I've wished I could wear a paper bag over my head. It seems that whatever I happen to be thinking is laid out clearly on my face. I don't have to spew negative words out of my mouth because my face beat me to it.

    Excellent, thought provoking blog.
    1086 days ago
    Great blog! I hope you write more!
    1146 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    I tend to have a sharp witty tongue that get's me in trouble. People take it way more serious then it was intended-- I love the quote: "I'm only responsible for what I say, Not for what you understand" emoticon ... Cheers!
    1154 days ago
    I have read the warning before but it is wonderful that you have analyzed it and incorporated it into your life. Good words to live by.
    1241 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1325 days ago
    emoticon Thanks for sharing.
    1357 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15029098
    emoticon really love your thoughts here
    1418 days ago
    Verna, I enjoyed reading your blog, and I can certainly relate to it. I've been on both sides of each problem--both perpetrator and victim. What came to mind as I read the part about "lip service" was the many, many times that I (and my husband, too) have vowed to lose weight and then don't follow through, so many times that my children no longer even answer such announcements! Ouch! But I've made a lot of progress since I was young in becoming a more trustworthy person, or at least to keep promises I make to others. I used to cancel engagements at the last minute, or not help someone after promising to help, but I'm so glad I stopped doing that. One reason is that I learned not to make so many promises, which I was doing to try to make people like me, which is never a good motivator for action.

    This was a thought-provoking blog, and I thank you.

    By the way, about the strange symbols appearing in your blog--I had the same problem in some blogs that I subsequently deleted. I wrote to SP Tech about it, and they advised me that I should type directly into the SP blog space instead of copying and pasting from a document, which I had been doing up until then because it was more convenient. It's tedious to type a whole blog into the SP blog space, but since I started following their advice, those squigglies have disappeared.
    1418 days ago
    Love the BLOG Verna.

    Hugs Susan emoticon
    1418 days ago
    Enjoyed it Verna, thanks for sharing. emoticon
    1418 days ago
    Very good advice.
    1418 days ago
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