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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I've been away from Spark, and healthy living for too long. The last two weeks I've had so much anxiety revolving around an upcoming bachelorette party. The invitation required all attendees to wear a "Sexy" animal print dress. The very thought of trying to dress sexy, surrounded by a group of younger and more fit girls was enough to give me heart palpitations. The shopping trip to find said "sexy" outfit was even more troubling. That was my queue to get my act together and make some changes. I've done it before, so it's silly I'm back here (again) since I should know better. What can I say though. Life happens....


220 Pounds
Unhappy and Unhealthy
Found SparkPeople
Dug in my heels, committed to healthy eating and exercise

Weight fluctuated up and down from 130-140, but maintained a healthy lifestyle (for the most part)
Went through a divorce
Lost friends and family
Moved back in with my parents
Faced the dating world after 10 years of marriage (horrifying btw LOL)
Changed Careers

Found new love
***cough** Stopped working out
"Happy Pounds" started to add up

February of 2017:
Stepped on the scale, back up to 150lbs (EEEK)
Feeling unhappy in my own skin
Disliking the reflection in the mirror
Committed back to eating right, exercising, and shedding the extra pounds
Goal: Get back to GW 130lbs by end of May (just in time for Summer)

So there it is. I feel like a broken record at times. Like I keep repeating a vicious cycle. But it is what it is. All I can do is put one foot in front of the other, learn from my mistakes, and make the changes I know need to happen. I feel good already being off to a good start. The first few days back at it I'm already down 5 pounds (thank you LOTS of H20). I'm arming myself with meal planning and prepping, a newly renovated work-out room, and the drive to make it happen!

I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with old Spark friends, and kindling supportive partnerships with new ones :) Good to be back SPARK!

Me, Present Day

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