Day 27: Tomorrow is Check-Up Day

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

I know it has been a while. Life has just been crazy and stressful and busy. I've still be exercising. I did last Friday and I did yesterday. And for the most part I've been pretty cautious with my food intake. I did really poorly yesterday. I ate WAY more than I should have of food I shouldn't have eaten. But I woke up this morning and am right back in the saddle.
I've laid off weighing myself so much. Just every few days now. I weighed this morning just to see what damage the weekend had done. I'm 198.4 so not too bad.

Tomorrow I go back to the nurse practitioner who is handling my weight loss. My goal was to be at 200lbs. Well at 198.4 I have passed that goal!

After my appointment tomorrow I am heading straight to the gym. Husband and I are even closer to having ivf money and I am DETERMINED to get to my goal soon!
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