Monday, March 20, 2017

I FINALLY swallowed my pride and got out the bathroom scale. I'd been dreading it so much I hadn't done it in years. The last time I weighed was several years ago and I was 220 pounds... And that's before I hit my biggest size, so goodness knows what my weight was in mid-2014. I'm thinking it had to be around 250 pounds or so, so that's what I've put as my starting weight in my new ticker.

Guess what?


Oh my gosh, I'm so elated that I'm almost in tears. I haven't seen the 100s since 2010. No wonder my knees and feet aren't experiencing pain anymore! :)

I have a total of 45 pounds (3 stone) left to lose! It's a lot, but it sure as heck isn't as much as I needed to lose in 2014.

If I'd really pushed myself these last couple of years and not submitted to all the junk food I had during my visits to England and the first couple of months after I immigrated here, I know I'd be WAY closer to my goal if not already there. However, what's done is done, and now I can only move forward and keep doing what I'm doing :)

Now that I know my weight, I've found out my calorie need and it's about 100 calories higher than I'm currently eating. I'm so happy about that! However, I'll still compare it with my weekly/monthly losses and adjust where needed.

My measurements this month haven't changed except for my hips, which have dropped one inch :)
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