What have you noticed when losing weight?

Monday, April 03, 2017

(I really don't like saying I'm "losing" weight, though, because it sounds like I want to find it again! Maybe I'll go the increasingly popular route and say I'm "evicting" the weight? That's right, I'm the landlord and I say you're OUTTA HERE!)

When losing weight, no matter at what stage of your journey, your body thanks you for every pound lost. Even if we don't think one or two pounds is a big deal, it truly is! And even if we're not seeing a huge difference on the scale, on the measuring tape or in our clothing sizes, there's still positive change happening on the inside that makes us feel so much better.

Since 2014 I've removed about fifty pounds, and have another forty-five left to go. Ideally I'd like to drop to 130-140 pounds, which is very healthy for my height, but right now 150 feels like a more feasible goal. Once I get to 150, then I'll think about going lower! I've noticed SO many positive changes, some of them being very gradual and others seeming like they happened overnight.

It might be a good idea to jot down the changes you notice over time, because that way you can look back and see how far you've come even if the scale is claiming you've not progressed much!

Here's what I've noticed this year alone as I dropped back into the 100s for the first time since 2010:

- My feet don't hurt during or after my walks, or when I wake up in the morning. I was experiencing intense heel pain that my old doctor had chalked up to obesity, and that's completely vanished now.

- My knees are no longer constantly in pain. In fact, they rarely even twinge now!

- I no longer experience pelvic pain (at the left sacroiliac joint). When I was a kid I injured this joint with a hard fall on concrete, and it's been periodically bothering me ever since, and MUCH more so since I gained so much weight!

- I can get out of a car without heaving myself out of it.

- I can walk up stairs more easily.

- My skin is looking healthier and is starting to glow.

- According to my husband, I'm no longer snoring at night.

- My mind is clearer, I can focus more easily, and I just feel refreshed and "clean" inside, if that even makes any sense! I say that's a combination of weight loss and consuming far less bread, red meat, and sugar.

- My endurance and pace are increasing every week.

- I have more energy.

- I've had chronic depression (diagnosed) since I was a kid, but the exercise and my body performing better has really helped with my worst symptoms.

- I sleep SO MUCH BETTER at night and don't feel the need to nap in the day anymore.

- People seem to notice me more. This isn't always a good thing, as I don't do well around people or when I'm noticed, haha!

- I feel more of a desire to take care of myself on the surface because I feel so good on the inside.

Since I've joined the Spring 5% Challenge, I'm aiming to lose ten pounds in eight weeks. I imagine I'll be feeling even more of a difference at that point, and I'm pretty excited about it!

What have you noticed in your journey, readers?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've noticed a feeling of lightness. Not being weighed down so much. I had 'lost' quite a bit of weight for a while, but you're right, I 'found' the lost weight and then some.
    I'm back to square one and I remember what it felt like being lighter. I miss it.

    1580 days ago
  • _LINDA
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Keep up the great work!
    I have always loved exercise, and even as my disease got progressively worse, staying fit and losing the excess pounds kept me moving, maybe not at the same level as I once was, but still able to enjoy quite a few gym classes and my hiking. Going to a regular department store section was the best instead of the plus sizes..

    1582 days ago
    It feels so great when you notice those favorite part of losing the weight! Great job!
    1582 days ago
    Guess I better get that eviction notice out!

    One of the best things that happened to me since losing weight-- I have learned how to accept my imperfections ( at least most of them).

    1583 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    What a great job you've done "evicting" those pounds!! I've noticed it's easier to bend over!
    1583 days ago
  • ELAINEB1972
    1583 days ago
    Congratulations on your weight progress. Sounds like a lot of good things have come so far as a result. emoticon
    1583 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5745313
    My 5k times got faster even as I got older. Much easier to run up a hill without dragging excess weight.

    Each pound lost is 4 to 10 times less pressure on your joints (depending on the activity)
    Now there's a reason to celebrate!
    1584 days ago
    My t-shirts are getting loose around the waist and hips, I have cheekbones, I have mor energy and I can do a wide squat with 4kg for a whole minute, easily... and no more plantar fasciitis!!
    1584 days ago
    that's the ticket -- evicting! releasing! Never to see it again!
    1584 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6687446
    I love that you are EVICTING the weight! That's awesome.
    And what a great list. I'm inspired!
    emoticon and I don't want to wish you luck in your continued journey, cuz that would kinda like be "losing" the weight. You don't need luck. You're well on your way!

    1584 days ago
    Congratulations land lord for evicting those unwanted pounds! You're doing great. I love the positive attitude and find this blog to very inspirational.
    emoticon Dee
    1584 days ago
    It's not easy
    1584 days ago
    I have more energy.
    1584 days ago
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