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40 Things About Me - getting back into blogging!

Friday, April 07, 2017

Stolen from ADARKARA! I used to love blogging on here but I want to start again slowly. HI! emoticon

And, this is me we're talking about so the answers are going to be LONG. emoticon

Learn 40 things about your friends and let them learn 40 things about you.

1. Do you like blue cheese?
NOPE. Hate it, never eat it.

2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes?
Never. My grandpa smoked and it contributed hugely to his heart disease, which killed him when I was 8. He was my favorite person on the face of this earth so as far as I'm concerned cigarettes can go $%&*$&% ^%&*&%&&$ $%#*@@&*^&^. emoticon

3. Do you own a gun?

4. What is your favorite sweet drink?
Very strong coffee with entirely embarrassingly disgustingly huge amounts of sugar and cream. Second favorite Coke Zero, third favorite tie between Sprite and homemade ginger ale.

5. Do you hold any diploma(s), degree(s) or certification(s)?
BS in earth science & biology, MS in chemical oceanography

6. At a BBQ - what's your favourite food?
A big fat cheeseburger with extra slices of juicy tomato!

7. What is your favorite movie
Joe vs the Volcano -- DON'T KNOCK IT! You either haven't seen it or didn't get it. All most people know about it is interviewers always make fun of Tom Hanks for making such a "dumb" movie. Probably without ever having seen it. It's a beautiful modern allegory about life, choices, courage, and reward. Also, it's funny.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning:
Coooooffeeeeee!!!!! I've cut out the sugar and started using a measured, tracked amount of cream though.

9. Can you do a push-up?
No, not really. I've been doing a set of wall pushups every time I come back from the bathroom at work and I feel like I'm getting a little stronger, but I still have a long way to go before I can do a "real" pushup on the floor.

10. What's your favorite color?
Green, usually bright Kelly green.

11. Do you have a hobby?
Yes I love crafting. I am really good at sculpting with Sculpey but I don't have any use for the finished products so I gave it up. Ditto beading, I love to make stuff but I don't really wear jewelry, so now mostly I sew. Mostly cutesy stuff for my kid, but I made myself a plus size nursing friendly evening dress for a wedding last year because I refused to shop for such a thing because it probably doesn't exist. I was super proud of it even though a few of my seams were iffy, and no one came up to me and was like "hey that looks homesewn in a bad way, hoss." So, good for me.

12. Do you have A.D.D?

13. Do you wear glasses?
I have glasses but I mostly wear contacts. My vision is so bad that the small ring of blurry vision around the sides of the glasses frames all day makes me super tired.

14. Who were your teen crushes?
Jonathan Brandis, Matt Damon, guys at my HS I'd never spoken to. (Pro tip - if you ask the guy you've never spoken to but always stare at in marching band to homecoming, the answer is "he's going with his girlfriend, and also he has no idea who you are." True story! I called him and asked him to HC. He was going with his gf. And, he had no idea who I was.)

15. Name three goals you have for this year?
Get back to the gym! For swimming and weight lifting. Play outside with my kiddo more even when it's super hot (I'm a heat wimp but she loooooooves to play outside!) Sign up for a CSA - DONE! First pickup is in May. emoticon Oh, and start taking regular trips to the library.

16. Name three drinks you drink regularly.
Seltzer water, coffee, tea - Lady Grey is my favorite.

17. Current worries?
Financial. We're ok I just wish I could stay home w/ my kiddo. Also I want another one. emoticon

18. Name three things (not people) you enjoy/love.
Finishing a sewing project and going "LOOK WHAT I MADE!", Building sand castles at the beach, fall leaves.

19. Favorite place to be
Under a blanket!

20. How did you bring in the new year?
No idea, I was probably sleeping. Or rocking baby girl back to sleep.

21. Where would you like to go?
Italy, Hawaii, back to Norway!

22. Name two worst diets you've been on.
Herbalife (probably ruined me, it was my first actual "diet" and I probably slowed my metabolism doing such a fast-like replace shakes with meals things that set me up for gaining so much in college. BOO.) and this awful starvation diet combined with acupressure. It was SUPER expensive, and horrible. Incredibly low amounts of very limited kinds of food, and you had to go to the office weekly for weigh ins and acupressure treatment/training. You did self acupressure like 15 times a day, it was supposed to "trick" your body into not knowing you were starving so your metabolism wouldn't slow.

23. Do you own slippers?
Yes, two pairs!

24. Name three favorite books.
The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King, Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (I love them all but that one's my favorite of the 7), Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz

25. Do you like sleeping in satin sheets or flannel sheets?
Neither, I have jersey knit sheets. They are super soft and warmer than cotton, but not as warm as flannel which I find too hot.

26. What are 3 of your "go to" meals?
Zucchini quiche - fast, tasty, and baby girl will eat it.
Risotto in the pressure cooker - fast and tasty though pretty carby
Butternut squash alfredo - great on pasta & veggies

27. Where are you now?
In my crappy uncomfortable office chair in my cubicle. It's lunch hour but there's nowhere else to eat really.

28. If you could do anything for an occupation, no holds barred, what would it be?
Craft whatever I feel like crafting and have people actually want to buy it for prices I could actually make a living at. And/or running a fun learning & science workshop/center for kids -- not having to teach what schools say or deal with grades and homework, just awesome hands on whatever I want to teach and whatever the kids want to learn.

29. What is your favorite outfit?
Dark wash boot cut jeans with a nicer than a t-shirt but not too dressy shirt that's not too low cut or tight on the bust, but fitted enough to show my waist.

30. What's on your playlist right now?
A bunch of random stuff I've loved forever, and Olly Murs. I never listen to the radio so most of my music is 10+ years old, but I heard him in the grocery store one day and looked up the song by the lyrics, then went and got it on iTunes. (fun fact - for about 5 years whenever this happened to me that I'd randomly hear a song and go, hey what is that? I like this song! it was ALWAYS Train. ALWAYS. It got to be scary after like the 7th time.) Don't Worry Baby, by the Beach Boys, ALWAYS.

31. Favorite foods?
Chicken pot pie, chocolate mousse, any and all fruits.

32. What's on your mind lately?
Trying a new approach to healthy eating, so, food prep and recipes. Otherwise, my baby girl and how awesome she is. As always.

33. Last time you belly laughed?
Probably yesterday, at my kid (age = almost 2) being hilarious. She's started asking the dog how her day was. It's a riot. "HI TurtlePuppy! How's your day??" I can't.

34. What's your favorite animal?
Dogs for pets, octopus for interestingness

35. What's your worst injury?
I've been lucky and not had many bad injuries I guess, so I'd say illness instead. I had viral meningitis in college and was in the hospital for I think 4 days. The headache was so bad I couldn't sleep or do anything, then between the pain and the pain meds I was vomiting nonstop. They'd give me pain meds until the vomiting started, then take me off the pain meds and give me anti nausea meds until the pain came back, switch again, repeat. Not sure why I couldn't have both at once but yeah, that went on for 4 days. I was pretty sure I was dying and also too sick to care.

36. How many TVs in your house?
Two but I don't know what kind or size they are. There's a huge one in the living room for watching and a slightly less huge one in our bedroom that the hubby plays video games on.

37. Silliest (truly silly, non-life threatening) action you've done to lose weight.
See #22. The acupressure thing.

38. Do you like to dance?
Yes! I took ballroom dancing in college and loved it, but a) hubby has balance issues so he can't do that kind of dancing so I have no one to go with and b) I guess I felt intimidated to continue being so overweight so I never stuck with it. Loved it though. But the general, "music comes on and just move your body freestyle dancing," I'm pretty sure I look like a complete idiot at.

39. Share about an awesome trip you've taken or place you've visited.
I lived and worked on a sailing ship for 3 months as part of a semester "abroad" type program. Most of that time we were out to sea in the far Pacific thousands of miles from land and even any other ship. We saw a huge shipping vessel on the radar once, that was pretty exciting but even it was too far away to be seen by eye. Talk about remote. We had short "port stops" at remote barely inhabited places - Palmyra Atoll (population 6) and Midway Island (population...? I think there were 8-10 people there when we were there).

40. Do you enjoy camping?
I used to love it but as I've gotten older my tolerance to dirt and bugs has decreased significantly. I'm scared I would hate it if I went now! Either way gotta wait now until baby girl is big enough to come along and yet not wander away into the woods and get eaten by bears.

FUN! Feel free to play along in your own blog!!
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