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Standing up to inactivity!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

It's been a rough few years in regards to my ability to keep up with my prior activeness.

Went from walking daily in and out of doors, moving more at the office and enjoying physical activity the with the grands on the weekends to walking during my lunch breaks, being more sedentary due to staff cuts and more computer processing, and less physically active with the grands due to scheduling and homework.

Trying to rearrange schedules doesn't work very well because once we try to work around the kids schedules for sitting and such (reason we help with homework) they end up having further schedule changes so DH and I have even less time for ourselves.

Trying to find a workable solution was tough. Everything we thought of to try and change things for me ended up cutting me too short on sleep or being put off due to afternoon and evening rescheduling.

It only got worse this year. With all the changes at work I was lucky to get up and go potty let alone get up and move. My lunch was it for movement and it is limited to my still being presentable to get back to work afterwards.

Now, I've had the ability to work on my computer in a standing fashion at home for well over 4 years now. I have a large yoga ball that I use for sitting and exercise. I tried to make shift the situation for my office 3 years ago but it wasn't "PROFESSIONAL LOOKING" enough for the firm to accept.

DH noticed that I was trying and trying to find a solution to no avail. Then he made a suggestion that floored me: Purchase what you need to get the job done at work.

I don't like spending money on things I can put together myself, but sometimes you are forced to take that route. This was one of them. DH convinced me that since 9 hours of my day was at the office I should try and make the best use of the time by having the best tools available to do so. So we took a risk and invested in the tools I needed. BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!

Folks have been wondering what my work space looks like now, so here you have it:

Sit down mode:

Stand up mode:

We put it together last weekend. I've been using it all week with great success. I put in more standing/active time than ever. Doesn't do much in regards to adding steps or very active minutes to my tracker because I don't regularly register a full 10 minutes to do so but I'm feeling better about things. Not to mention that this adds a tad bit more fun to my day -- even without the spinning chair that glides smoothly across the floor, which used to be the source of fun.

Here is what my work week successes looked like:

MON 9 1/4 hours at work -
1 hour lunch ( 15 min twist board - not too office friendly will stick to home use - and 40 min jog in place)
7 1/2 hours standing and using the active mat to move more
45 minutes sitting at scanner (not my yoga ball chair)

TUES and WED 9 hours at work:
1 hour lunch ( 55 min jog in place)
7 3/4 hours standing and using the active mat to move more
15 minutes of sitting at scanner (not my yoga ball chair)

THUR 9 hours at work:
1 hour lunch (55 min jog in place)
7 11/12 hours standing and using the active mat to move more
5 minutes of sitting at scanner (not my yoga ball chair)

FRI 9 hours at work:
1 hour lunch (55 min jog in place)
6 3/4 hours standing and using the active mat to move more
15 minutes of sitting at scanner (not my yoga ball chair)
1 hour on my yoga ball chair

My thought process has changed a bit as well. Since making this change I appreciate that my job it what it is so that I can do as much standing up as I was able to do. I sat only when the situation required me to do so. Scanning isn't an area that I can modify so I'm forced to sit and moving my chair around to get there isn't feasible. I kinda felt obligated to try my yoga ball chair and decided to save a bunch of sit down work for the end of my FRIDAY in order to give it a good try. BOUNCY! BOUNCY! FUN! FUN! FUN!!!

I know all weeks won't allow me to do as much standing because there are times when I really do need to be seated to do the job at hand, but I think this is a great way to have healthier options for me doing so.

I've also been listening to a bit of music throughout my workday to help me move a bit more while standing at my desk. Some of my co-workers have even commented on enjoying my cute jigs! It's inspiring more to consider standing up to the workplace =)

Just wish that since I can jog in place, read and chew bubblegum that I could walk or focus more on my movement, problem solve on my systems and proceed with data entry at the same time -- pinpointing a mouse while moving is a bit tricky.. I can usually type while moving as long as i'm not seriously thought processing at the same time. I'm gonna be working on that to see if I improve -- how much tougher can it be than patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time (and YES! I can do that =)

Hopefully my share will encourage others that might have been wavering on making the decision to change to a stand-up workplace. If you can get your company to pay for it all the better, or maybe you can make it a tax write-off as a business expense. I didn't have any serious medical issues regarding my work space -- it was deemed ergonomically correct so making the change to stand-up was at my expense but well worth it.

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