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Am I more mellow?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You guys can tell me after a couple of blog posts. emoticon

WELL HI THERE. I see a few familiar faces around here, which is great!

Where was I... I had my baby girl (Little S) in summer 2015. I lost all my pregnancy weight (all 14 pounds of it) after about 6 weeks, so I originally was awesome with not gaining a lot and then losing that.

However, things I was not prepared for: 1) breastfeeding initially makes you SO HUNGRY OMG 2) sitting around the house basically forever.

It was ten billion degrees all summer and Little S was so wee, so it was really hard to get out and walk or do anything. Once the breastfeeding hunger diminished a little, I sort of didn't notice and kept shoving the entire contents of the pantry and refrigerator into my face 5x a day, which is less than stellar.

But you know. Whatever. hahaha.

Yes I'd love to be smaller and have more energy and speed, but I don't feel nearly the misery about regain that I used to back in the day. It's a thing that happened.

So I'm here!

I want to be smaller and more spry and get around w/ Little S, mostly.

So far, it has been easy. I have been tracking again for exactly two weeks and I've had a pretty easy time of staying in (or below!) my calorie range. Fitness has been tougher... my new job is 100% sedentary at a desk. I'm trying to move a little more - since I started tracking again I started drinking enough water again, so I'm up to pee more often and each time I come back I do a few quick bodyweight exercises in the empty cube behind me. Better than nothing! I'm going to try to start swimming in the early mornings again in the next couple weeks. Walking/running is out because I have a slight back injury, and now a random ankle injury I just woke up with yesterday (??? what is that?!?). But I also start physical therapy for my back next week, so, yay!

Food is going really well. I'm doing a sort of paleo-ish thing (build meals around veggies and protein, with a little fruit and/or nuts/nut butter on the side here or there). I find it way easier to be satisfied yet stay in calorie range eating this way.

I'm going to try not to be overconfident though, it's often easy when I'm first starting again after a long time away. The real test is to stick with it when I'm feeling really down/crappy/bingey/whatever.

Other stuff - Mr. Turtle is still good. He's a good dude! emoticon

TurtlePup is pretty good. We had some health scares with her that fortunately turned out to be nothing but still cleaned out my bank account. hahaha. She is tolerating Little S. Crawling baby was like "you are soft, I want handfuls of you!" Poor pup was like AHHH NOOO WHYYY WHY DID YOU BRING THIS INTO MY LIFE. hahaha. We had a run recently of terrible toddler grabby hands but Little S has been much better lately being gentle. And it's almost as if TurtlePup understands Little S is a Human Puppy and doesn't know how to behave. Also, now sometimes Little S is cruising with snacks, and TurtlePup loves snacks, so she follows her around just in case. hahahah. "I love That Thing when it Has A Food!" Obviously we supervise them closely and never leave them alone in a room together but sometimes dang that kid is fast.

And how is Little S? Little S is the funniest, cutest, smartest, sweetest, most loving, adorable, beautiful child ever born in the history of the human race. (I'm entirely objective and humble about this as I'm sure you can tell.)

She's super verbal for her age so she's hilarious alllllll the time. The new thing of the week - we get home from daycare and let TurtlePup out of the kitchen, who is very excited to see us.

Little S: "HI TURTLEPUP! Howws your day? Good?"
emoticon I CAN'T.

Also she likes to order us to cry, so she can comfort us. She'll point at me: "CRY, momma!" I put my face in my hands and make fake cry/sob sounds. Little S comes over and pats me on the back or shoulder "Is okay momma!" LOL

"Momma peas coop me up?" = Momma please scoop me up (pick me up) emoticon

I mean... you can't imagine how adorable my child is, guys. Imagine the cutest kid you have ever, EVER seen in real life or a movie. Now multiply that by 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000,000. That's close. Almost. emoticon

Work is meh. I haven't gotten to visit my family a couple states away in a long time which is meh. But otherwise, things are great.

So that's my life! Workin on the weight thing but honestly it's pretty great.

Aaaaaaaand this post was over 800 words up to this point. hahaha. SOMEDAY, I will write a SHORT ONE! (In an alternate universe!) More foody and exercisey things to come!
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    Glad your family is doing great! Your food plans sound good, I've been doing something like that for a while now. It does seem to work!
    1567 days ago
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