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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today I chose happiness. And yesterday and the day before. It's like opening a gate so that positive thoughts can flow in.

I awoke early today and although the temperature was registering at -2C (felt like -9) I got out there and enjoyed an early morning walk. 3,600 steps under my belt. Not bad especially since I'd normally be fast asleep under the covers.

I received so much lovely support and encouragement on my last blog. THANK YOU. How could I not put some of those suggestions into practice?

It's working. YAY. I'm back to feeling grateful. I'm focusing on the positive. It's good.

Here are some of the things I am grateful for:

1) There are so many more birds in the early morning. I saw robins and gulls. I guess they are looking for food. The crows and grackles must be sleeping.

2) I heard the lovely sound of wind chimes. I travel this same street on a regular basis and have noticed a tiny twinkling sound on occasion. Today I heard it loud and clear. It made me feel happy.

3) I remember seeing beautiful Northern lights a short while back. It was an unexpected but delightful surprise. Our nights are still very cold here in Manitoba and if we remain huddled indoors we often miss the beauties of nature. I feel especially blessed when I witness one of these gorgeous displays.

4) Because it was cold this morning, the puddles were still frozen. I did not return home with muddy shoes like I did yesterday. This is a good thing since I don't like tracking more mess into my little apartment.

5) I am still missing my daily contact with my online friend but I am starting to focus on the positives we had in our relationship rather than how sad I feel at his passing.

6) Yesterday I took a few emotional hits from another friend. It seemed to come out of nowhere and I wasn't expecting it. It wasn't abusive but it also was not kind or thoughtful. I felt sad. Eventually I realized that I have a choice in whether or not I want to continue with this relationship. Just as I have a choice in whether or not to choose happiness. Today I was up and at 'em for at least 30 minutes before I even remembered the negativity from yesterday's conversation. I had moved on. Sooooooo grateful I am not staying stuck in negativity.

7) I am grateful to have found a counselor, of sorts, even if it's just for a short time. There is a student doing her practicum at our church. She will only be with us until the end of June but that is sufficient time to make some improvements in my life.

8) I keep thinking back to all the Spark Friends who have offered me love and support throughout my journey. I am ever so grateful. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. My entire first year on Spark, I did it alone. It's so much better with friends that care.

Well, must get ready for a meeting this morning. I hope you all have a really GREAT day.
Thank you for reading.
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