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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tip of the Week for Week 22 (2017)


We are all familiar with writing up a “To Do” list, and some of us even make up “honey do” lists for our significant others, or we post “Chores” lists for our kids.

How many of you have ever written a “NOT to Do” list? What’s that, you say?

Why would anyone need a NOT to Do list? Don’t we all know what not to do? Don’t cheat, lie or steal. Don’t write checks if there’s not enough money in the account. (Just because you have checks left, doesn’t mean you have money to cover them!) Don’t bring your cell phone to the dining table. Those are pretty standard “don’ts” and are on those invisible lists we carry around in our heads.

So, why do we need another NOT to Do list? From the standpoint of our health there are certain rules we follow: dietary rules, exercise rules, manners rules. (Yes, rules about manners can affect our health! Being rude could cause you to receive a physical smack, usually from your Mom).

This week I urge you to write up your own “NOT to DO” list. Put on your list whatever obstacle or challenge is preventing you from living a healthier life, or reaching a particular health/fitness goal. If you don’t know where to begin, I’ve listed a few “DO NOT” do items below. Use them as they appear, or use them as a springboard for your own obstacles.

Suggestions for your list!

Do not eat foods that make me tired or that drain my energy
Do not eat standing up
Do not eat after 9pm (or do not wait longer than 12 hours following dinner to eat breakfast)
Do not keep workout gear out of sight
Do not gulp food or swallow food bits whole
Do not keep blue-light emitting tech devices in the bedroom
Do not put a TV in the bedroom
Do not argue during any meal
Do not allow negativity to steal your good intentions
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