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Sunday, June 11, 2017

What's up playas?'! 😝 Just a rambling blog from our peace filled "Junglelow" home!

FINALLY, life is on track!!! WE R in our Hawaiian home 1yr now and it's been HEAVEN!! Hubby is working a bit harder but likes his job. I wake up everyday bursting with gratitude.

AFter the cardiologist told me last autumn that I had slightly leaky atrial and mitral valves, but nothing serious enough to treat and that I could get my cjolestral under control with exercise I've been exercising religiously! Other then a couple episodes with sinus infection I've worked out 2 hrs ever other day since October. Still not much was happening with lbs.

I was/am a vegetarian trying to be vegan for awhile, but it was still not helping with weight. In April sometime I made the commitment to do the Engine 2, 7 day rescue....since then the weight and inches have been sliding off! And I'm eating A LOT.....feels like constantly....and it is goooood! I'm learning how to season and cook at my ripe old age, finally! THIS s is a "whole food plant based" way of eating that eliminates all salt , oil and sugar. (Of course, no animal products , so I finally cut out cheese, plenty of "cheesy" alternatives for a fix after the 7 day reset. However many people continue with the 7 day plan afterward, which I what I'm doing. ).

SO nice to finally see the muscles emerging that I've been working on since last year. Wearing clothes that never did fit but I liked or were on clearance years ago and I just kept hanging onto. 😝 6" off my waist and 5" off my hips s just literally SLID off!!! 😜

Hanging around the 142 mark a bit longer then I'd like, but hoping to make it to 135 , or less, by my bday late July.

My life is pretty much revolving around working out/eating/shopping/prepping foods /home improvement and seeing my mom for a few hours almost everyday. (I kept waffling about bringing her home. She is not "happy" about being there but is adjusting. Early on I would sit in the parking lot and cry. Agonize over it all when I wasn't there, beat myself up, etc. ITs been a year now, I "think" I am adjusting. I still worry b/c she is pretty deaf, most of the cna's are Philippino , talk softly and with accents , she can't hear them. I have a hard time understanding. Add to that mom's stroke makes her not able to talk....and if I'm not there to read her mind/facial expressions....she is kind of locked in her own world, even though her mind is still intact. It sucks, but I'm not getting any younger and would also like to have a "real" life.)😱

We make time for some fun new friends! Took some dance classes. Host some dinner parties. (Although I'm a hermit by nature and can happily spend all my time in my house). I feel like it's taken me a year to find my footing and cope with PTSD from living in a very unhappy situ with sister for 1 1/2 years and the insane way it all blew up. 🌋 Sis and I are now estranged , she only makes an effort to see our mom for SHORT visits on holidays. I see large families gather to share the burden of other patients. When I need time "off" I would kill to know another family member would check on mom so I could enjoy my time off "carefree", but that is just never gonna happen and I need to let it go. On ocassion our paths cross on the rare occasion she stops in to see mom when I am there. I think we are somehow over the chaotic animosity , we are civil. She is still insane and rambles about how everyone else is responsible for her problems, etc. I just smile and shake my head. MUCH easier to deal with crazy when one has happiness and peace (and their own happy home! 😇🦎)

SO life is GOOD/Great! Maybe it's helpful to live through a traumatic living situ to fully grasp how wonderful life is when you are out of it!!!! 🌈🦎🌋🌞
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    Hey gorgeous! I am thrilled that things are going so much better for you, and that you won't be needing that file in the loaf of bread. I sure do miss the days when we use to do vblogs...life here just isn't the same, and maybe its me...but I just don't like the way SP is trying to be FB. I'm doing great...it was good to hear that you are doing fabulous and are finally in a happy place. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1432 days ago
    Hey girl! Glad to hear from you again! I started vlogging again. Not too many vloggers left anymore. I still miss the old crew! At least I see a few on FB now and then! Hope you stick around!
    1433 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    1434 days ago
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