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Sunday, July 09, 2017

After much discussion and figuring things out, hubby and I have decided to do this together. Always in the past we kept our weight / exercise efforts separate. Sometimes one of us would be on the kick when the other wasn't. Or we'd agree to be buddies and then when one person lost the drive the guilt factor did not promote additional healthy behaviors. Oh no. It created friction in our marriage.

We learned that we should not do that. So no matter where each of us have been separately, we've taken responsibility for our weight / health individually versus as a household.

Last week we launched Project Healthy Household. I just made that up. What do you think? But we did, nonetheless. We agreed that we were not going to starve ourselves. We were not going to do VLCD. We were going to make long-term sustainable changes and accept that the weight would come off as slow, or as fast, as it did.

We spent weeks talking about guidelines. What would work for us both? What made sense for us both? If I have X trigger and he has Y trigger, what are we going to do to take care of both of us as a couple?

As I said, we launched last week. I am still sick, by the way, so the exercise piece is out. I'm sleeping up to 12 hours a day. I'm on day 12 of the 14 days second round of antibiotics. Never fear I spoke with the doctor Friday, and it seems probable I'll have to go back in tomorrow (Monday).

Anyhooooo...following this "don't starve yourself, but support each other" program hubby and I have put in place I have the results of our first week.

*drumroll please*

I lost 4 pounds. I think that's a pretty big win!!!

How are you doing? We are doing this. TOGETHER!
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    Project Healthy Household ... I loooooove it.

    It's a way of life ... not a stop and start kinda thing.
    1399 days ago
    That's great that you are doing this together. Congrats on the weightloss! I do hope you get completely well soon!
    1402 days ago
    Good to hear from you. I am so sorry to hear that you are still ill. I wish our prayers help you to recover. Four pounds is a wonderful amount to lose. Con-grads!!!!
    1405 days ago
    Love the Project Healthy Household!

    My DH and I are doing partner training at the gym. It has been fun!

    Congratulations on your week 1 success.

    I'm excited for the two of you. What a wonderful collaboration. emoticon

    1405 days ago
    That's great! I love Project healthy household!
    1405 days ago
    I'm excited for you and yay for hubby for being on board! :D
    1406 days ago
    It sounds to me that you both can work this plan. Congratulations on the 4lbs gone.
    I pray that you soon are back to feeling good. emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1406 days ago
  • JMROSE17
    emoticon on the weight loss and the Project Healthy Household! Hope you get some help from the doctor on Monday so that you can get better! And I love your haircut! Have a great week!



    1406 days ago
    It is so good to see a blog from you again, although I am so sorry to hear that you are only a teeny bit better and not "better better." I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the "prenup" part of the Project Healthy Household negotiations, and I hope we will hear how it works out for both of you as the weeks progress. Congratulations on the first week's loss!
    1406 days ago
    It's good to be on the same page with the people you live with...

    Congrats on the first week. Keep up the good work and continue to take care of yourself!
    1406 days ago
    THis is so awesome and I have missed you too. So sorry you are sick and hope you are indeed on the road to recovery. congrats on a great week and hope you are ready to vlog sometime soon.
    1406 days ago
    Project Healthy Household is a great idea! I admire you two for coming up with a good plan and working together to achieve it. I'm impressed with your wisdom and loving regard for each other, and I wish you great success in this endeavor. Keep us posted!
    1406 days ago
    Hope you will kick whatever you have. Super weight loss. From personal experience my hubby and I worked together on living healthier. He always lost more and faster than I do.
    1406 days ago
    dawn sorry you are still ill hope you get some answers Monday emoticon way to go with the weight loss . i love your project Healthy Household I love that you are having long discussions on rules and such i cant get my husband to communicate at all sad to say I am lucky if I get two words
    1406 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon
    1406 days ago
    1406 days ago
    Have been missing you, afraid you were still sick. Hopefully this will be gone soon.
    It's always good to have a partner and DH will be a great partner. Be patient, there will be bumps in the road but you can do it. Can't wait to read your next blog. Good luck sparkie emoticon
    1406 days ago
    Having a partner on board is wonderful...make it a lifestyle change, not just about healthy food and exercising. How can you create a more open communication with your hubby, work out problems that seem to arise between you, have date nights, do different things together that you never have done, change things around. Oh, there is so much to it Dawn, endless possibilities.
    1406 days ago
    good to hear, hope you feel better soon
    1406 days ago
    I think it's wonderful! We ave also started a "Healthy Household" program. DH and I bought Fitbits and cheer each other on. I am buying our son a fitbit as a reward for all the hard work he has done for us around the house. My DIL also has a fitbit so we check in on each other. We have made many changes in our eating habits (still not enough but we are working on it).

    1406 days ago
    Project Healthy Household! emoticon

    Hope you'll get back to healthy soon. This has been going on way too long.

    emoticon on your loss!
    1406 days ago
  • LIS193
    emoticon Doing it together is much more fun.
    1407 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1407 days ago
    I think that's wonderful!! My DH mentioned to me, two things actually! The first was I had bought some regular hot dogs for him, and some reduced fat ones for me. He says, "You didn't have to buy separate hot dogs. I would've eaten the reduced fat ones." emoticon A couple of days later he says, "You don't have to buy me cookies. I know they're a temptation for you." Which they are, but still! emoticon
    So I commend your healthy household!! Have you cleaned out the refrigerator and the pantry yet?
    Sorry you're still ill - no fun that!
    1407 days ago
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