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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Happy weekend Sparkles! Let's do the health update first. I am still more tired than I should be, and I still have a low grade fever. Doc and I are staying close. I am on both antibiotic and steroid through Monday. But I promise I am a million percent better. SO MUCH better.

My weight this week shows that I am up 0.4 but I don't believe it. You know how you have those scale blips? Yeah. We've tracked everything we ate this week, and it should be a 0.5 loss. I am serious we tracked every bite. We are SO good. Rather than getting upset I'm just giving it till tomorrow to see if it's a fluke. And if not, we'll continue to do the right things. The scale HAS to let that weight go down if you do all the right things SOONER or later.

My niece is 13. We have FaceTime dates. They are shifting from "breakfast with Auntie Dawn" dates to "make-up" dates. For this make-up date I let her research everything, and be the leader. Good leadership training in a safe environment. She did a great job. We tried an eggplant color look. Frankly, I've never done that color well. We did one eye with a work-appropriate look. I loved it! I will wear this to work now that I've proven I know how. Here's how it looked...

And we tried a glamour look two ways. The first way is without the intensity. A litlte more eye liner, a little wing...

I'm still ok with it at that point. Then we went FULL GLAM layering on more liner, more cat-eye look, darker colors. I must tell you friends, I do not think I am a FULL GLAM girl unless it is for Halloween. I think I look like a raccoon. Because of the eggplant I think I look like a raccoon who got punched in the eye.

We kept telling each other, "if we're not going to try now when it's just us, when will we try?" So we went crazy. We liked 2 of the 3 looks. We're going to set another date. I think she did a super job.

How are you doing?
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  • ODAT1117
    Sounds like fun!! Great idea to keep up the facetime dates. ENJOY! :-)
    1382 days ago
    Glad you are starting to feel better. Look forward to reading about a full recovery!

    You are such a fun aunt! For many years, I rarely wore makeup other than lipstick except on special occasions. Now when I am not working at home or when I dress up or when I just want to feel a little fancy, I wear eye makeup too. Now that I am willing to be in the occasional photo, I make sure I have makeup on for them because otherwise I look washed out. One little trick I found online perked me up. I do a very subtle version of the cat eye. I doubt it is noticeable to others, but to me I feel like it perks up my eyes and makes them look a little bigger. I occasionally use lip-liner with my lipstick too. I am afraid to venture into blush. The last time I tried it was middle or high school and my gawd did I have no idea what I was doing.
    1385 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Great that the steroids are not causing your weight to soar. I bloated up like a sponge when put on Prednisone for my arthritis in the 80's. Keep on doing what you are doing.

    1385 days ago
    So fun that you and your niece did that!! I'm still using the same makeup routine a friend did for me when I got married 26 years ago, that is, when I decide to wear make up! lol Are you still getting used to your new hair do? You need to update your profile pic!!

    I hope your doctor finds out what's been "bugging" you... emoticon sorry, couldn't resist!! Here's to feeling better!! (still refraining from being an arm chair physician!)
    1385 days ago
    I'm happy to hear you are feeling somewhat better. emoticon Baby steps are important.
    Prayers and hugs for wellness to come even sooner. emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    1385 days ago
    Makeup, I like one and three but three better than one.
    I wouldn't worry about ,4. I have found that I can be good and still show a pound up. Sometimes I can't figure it out. Then I remembered that that afternoon I dare had popcorn. So it could have been the extra carps. The next day it was gone. I decided not to drive myself crazy. I have to tell you that I'm so glad to read your blogs once again.
    1385 days ago
    dawn if you are on steroid and almost losing you are winning big time. I really hope you feel better soon , Also it is great that you are mentoring your niece or is it the other way around ? Ha !!! My daughter does all my makeup and is in charge of making me get way out of my comfort zone. the makeup looks great and did you get a new haircut I like it we will need another blog for that . your niece did a great job kudos to her . Hugs to feeling better .
    1385 days ago
    The eye makeup looks good to me. Wish you finally get over whatever bug you have.
    1385 days ago
    "Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it." — Rapunzel, Tangled emoticon

    To laugh at yourself is to love yourself." — Mickey Mouse emoticon

    "If you weren't you, then we'd all be a bit less we." — Piglet, Winnie and the Pooh emoticon
    glad you and hubby are working together on the journey emoticon

    Success is not a destination but a road that you are on.
    being successful means that you're working hard and walking your walk
    everyday." ~Marlon Wayans~ emoticon

    1385 days ago
    Never, ever ... let the scale weigh your self-worth. Ya know what you are doing ... the scale WILL catch up.

    You look gorgeous to me in alllllll three photos.
    1385 days ago
    Sounds like so much fun. Love the new look and haircut.

    Had my knee replaced on Monday. Still in a lot of pain but this to will pass. I just have to be patient.

    Take care and keep in touch. emoticon
    1386 days ago
    I really liked your last look but I am a makeup junkie and favor bold. I was the girl with aubergine hair in the 70's (my dad "none of the other girls look like you!) and a preGoth wearer of black eyeshadow in the early 80's. Major depression in the early 90's "What's happening with you - you look like all the other girls
    1386 days ago
  • LIS193
    Don't worry about the scale (yet)..as long as the overall trend is going down, you are good.
    Love the work eye shadow look!
    I have been playing with highlighting/strobing the last week, fun!
    1386 days ago
    Great activity. I m not good with make up. Should call in as well 😉 doing good getting ready for a swim
    1386 days ago
    Every day above ground is a good day
    1386 days ago
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