I Hate Weights

Saturday, July 29, 2017

If you've been my friend for a while you know I despise weights. White hot burning heat type hatred for weights. They're boring. I have to pay attention to a video or to counting. I find a weight workout boring as dirt. And I sweat. Boring AND sweat. Two of my least favorite things. At least walking I get to enjoy the weather, the scenery.

Weights UGH! I know it's the #1 thing I should do to prevent the diabetes I am genetically prone to get sooner or later. Even that knowledge does not help motivate me to workout with weights in the slightest.

I discussed a new concern at my latest check-in with my doctor after this oh-so-long illness. I hurt. My JOINTS hurt. Not just my ankles and my knees. My shoulders hurt. My ELBOWS hurt. I told the doc it feels like because he's been telling me to rest so much everything is in rebellion. We agreed I can have some activity this weekend. I also need to be aware that I will suddenly run out of energy, so keep it close to home.

Yesterday I decided what felt good for my joints was to stretch them. That felt good. Then I decided it would feel nice if I had some additional weight. Just so I knew I was working them and they were getting some attention. That felt great.

Before I knew it I had done an entire strength training exercise. I didn't follow any program. I didn't set a "must have" rep count. I did what felt right for my joints. For as long as it felt right. I was amazed it wasn't boring. I was listening to my body.

Today my joints feel so much better. Tremendously better. Still somewhat ouchy though so I did some more weights. Only what felt good, making sure I wasn't repeating anything from yesterday. Before I knew it I had done a second exercise session with weights.

I think I may have found the key for weight workout. Pay attention to me, not any sort of "rules." When I'm inward focused I'm certainly not bored. It feels like "me time." It feels nurturing. It feels good.

I may not hate weights!

What happy discovery have you made? Tell me all about it!
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  • ODAT1117
    That's fabulous! I really hate weights, too. I prefer to have some sort of an activity like walking or hooping or swimming or kayaking or someTHING to do. I know I'll have to get into strength training at some point. I just have to figure out something that will work for me......someday.

    1383 days ago
    See ... you might not hate weights after all.

    Find what inspires you!!!
    1387 days ago
    I think you are on to something, find something that fits you! I like it! Great to hear you're finally starting to feel better, go slow but go!
    1387 days ago
    I hate weights also BORING!!!! emoticon
    I'm happy to hear that you're building stamina. emoticon
    Prayers and emoticon emoticon
    1387 days ago
    Yay!! You've found a program that works for YOU!! That is awesome!! A set of exercises that the rehab nurses from when I was in hospital with pneumonia - I still do them! They are very basic body weight exercises, so I use my own weight to work with. It's good for my knees and my hips, too!!
    1387 days ago
    thank you for reminding me that i need to do some weight training and thanks for reminding me I have to take care of me. Hugs glad you are starting to feel better
    1388 days ago
    what makes me happy is knowing that my friends are getting better. The best thing for you is to listen to your body. You know best. So glad that you are feeling better.
    1388 days ago
    I'm so glad you had a happy discovery with strength training and it's helping you feel better. Our muscles support our joints, so it is important for us to keep those strong muscles as we age.

    I started working out with weights again recently, my happy discovery was that I needed a heavier weight to begin (usually I start with a 5 lb weight when I haven't done strength training on a regular basis). It made me feel that I'm stronger than I thought and there's hope to get stronger still.

    I find that I do better when I create my own routine, rather than following a video or a set routine out of a book. I think it's the "control" thing for me.

    Keep taking care of yourself!!!

    1388 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15653250
    I'm not a fan of weights but toning needs to continue for me to keep my joints healthy.... I'm not a fan of sweaty either I guess that's one of the reasons why I love Water Aerobics. emoticon
    1388 days ago
  • LIS193
    1388 days ago
    I love weights, but you have to figure out how you enjoy doing them and do them that way. :) I would have said I hate running but I really don't. What I hate is running with other people, lol.
    1388 days ago
    Dear Dawn, I love this blog. Firstly, because when you said that you hate weights to that extent I got a little offended. Kind of like when my Danish husband tells me he doesn't like pumpkin pie. How could you not like pumpkin pie? I'm sorry, I get offended about that. But of course it's all about taste and individuality right? There's no right to get offended about that. And the same with strength training. But then I read further and you actually state that you've been introduced to a whole new perspective, exactly the perspective I was going to sit here and type away at you. he,he! I love strength training for those very reasons. I love to focus on my body, I love to focus on those individual muscles and my posture as well as my breathing. I love taking it slow and doing only what I can do.I love that when I'm finished and I've stretched out that I feel 10 ft. tall.
    I'm so happy to hear that you have experienced these things too and am joining me on the weight lifting side. Oh, and about those joints. yep. If you don't use it ya lose it. So keep on!
    1388 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1388 days ago
    I need to find my happy weight routine. Yes I dislike weights too. So glad to hear you are getting better.
    1388 days ago
    You've certainly discovered a "secret" here. IMO that's the secret to all exercise: Do what's fun and makes you feel good.

    Happy discovery? Many over the years.
    Food related: Stop obsessing and stop thinking about food all day long. The only way I can achieve this is by NOT journaling my food. I know that's counter to common wisdom, but, I've been doing this for so long, I tally up my meal/s in my head and stay within my given limits. This way I'm only thinking about food when it's meal time. It works for me.
    1388 days ago
    I love weights!
    1388 days ago
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