Here Comes the Weekend...

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Here comes the weekend.

Do you do things differently on the weekend? I specifically mean do you eat differently? Exercise differently? How is that working out for you?

My weight loss has been amazing since I woke up that determined morning. I know it cannot possibly be true weight. Getting my water and eating healthy always does a "quick win" on the scale for me. Regardless, it feels empowering and exhilarating. It is what I needed to get back on track.

Now here comes the weekend. Do I stay with my current plan? Indulge a little? I have built in the calories to have treats this weekend. My concern is that if I veer at all from my super healthy focus this early that I will go overboard. One treat will lead to 20 and before I know it I will have gone past the surplus. I will have gained this weekend.

I clearly can't go the rest of my life without ever indulging. I'm not saying that. What I am pondering is if this weekend is a little too soon. It might be better to keep up my good habit and treat the weekend just like this week.

How do you handle the weekend?
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    It sounds to me like you don't feel confident within yourself to indulge. Perhaps you should wait another week so that perhaps you will feel stronger within. For myself when I have the urge, but not the calories set aside, I do something to distract myself. I hope I have helped you.
    1379 days ago
    Truthfully I don't know. If you are questioning it, probably don't do it.
    1379 days ago
    What works for me is moderation, not deprivation. I try very hard to feed my body right and make the calories count. (My analogy is that I want the "best" fuel to "power" me through the day). I think of food, as food/fuel. I don't think of it as good, bad, reward, treat, etc because that's how I'll get in my own way mentally on this journey. I just make sure that I've planned for what I'm going to eat. If I don't know, and I end up having something "extra" then I'm honest with myself and track it. Here's to you figuring out what works best for you!
    1380 days ago
    I try to stay on track all the time. I am not perfect with it but if I really have a craving it is better for me to eat a bite or two and then get busy.
    1380 days ago
    Weekends are a time off for some for me it is time to treat myself special so I will take the time to make a salad or go for a longer walk throw a dvd tape in extra, go for a hike now if I can just get a weekend off take a long bath etc. good luck this weekend you can do it,
    1380 days ago
    I stay on track day in and day out. My focus is my goal weight. I am determined.

    Follow your own path.
    1380 days ago
    I choose to give myself a treat every day! Right now I'm in love with Breyer's Carb Smart Chocolate ice cream. I don't know what makes it carb smart, and I really don't care. All I know is that it is SO much better than Halo Top. I scoop out a half cup, add 11 dry roasted almonds, and I am one happy camper!! This round at the grocery store I decided to try the Breyer's Sugar Free Neapolitan, and don't care for it as much as the chocolate.

    I try to stick to the same foods over the weekend, but it's hard because my DH is home. This weekend I'm planning on cooking shrimp one night, and tex-mex the other. Am very excited about the tex-mex. Haven't had it in a while, and will use black beans instead of refried beans, and low carb tortillas. Add salsa, fresh tomatoes and avocado and can you say YUM?!

    I think when you deprive yourself from certain foods, it causes you to crave them even more. I can control my cravings for sweet things by allowing myself to have a little of something every night. That works for me!!
    1380 days ago
    Mostly the same because 1 day leads to two and then to three
    1380 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    I am seriously trying to treat every day the same which should add up to a major lifestyle change in the long-haul. One weekend meal may involve steak or shrimp which we don't eat very often. Yet, I try to eat at lower range of calories 'just in case' I want a treat. Recently that 210 or 220 calorie indulgence was a daily protein bar with a lot of fruit sugar and cacao which became 2 or 3 bars in place of a regular meal. This fueled my sugar cravings and I went on a several-day binge. Best if I even stay away from healthy chocolate in any form.

    emoticon emoticon
    1380 days ago
    You can do this emoticon
    1380 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17951176
    My wife and I eat healthy every day but we try to reward ourselves with foods we like more on Friday and Saturday. We usually grill on Friday nights. It might be a steak, fish, turkey burger, or a potabello mushroom burger but grilling is fun and makes Fridays feel special. On Saturdays we cook pasta or pizza together and drink wine. We always stay as healthy as possible and stay within our calorie limits but drinking wine and cooking together is fun for us.

    You find out what is right for you and you will be just fine. Don't indulge over your calorie limits if possible and stay as healthy as possible.

    Wishing you peace, happiness, and an amazing healthy journey!

    1380 days ago
    Just wait a minute...you are strong! emoticon You are focused on your new goals. emoticon Whatever you decide will work because you are in charge. emoticon
    We believe in you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1380 days ago
    You can make treat-handling a conscious choice too. You've got it in your head now to not muck around with weight management - it's just the same sort of mindset shift to make the choice to stick with every part of your intentions. You've planned out your weekend treat allowance. That's a part of your day, now, a fixed point that will happen just the same as the dinner you'll have that night. It doesn't have to be treated (ha!) like anything different from the habits you have during the week - you don't want it to be so that giving yourself a treat on the weekend feels like breaking good habits. Treating yourself in planned, reasonable, rewarding ways *is* a good habit. Slipping into habits you don't want (like going overboard with treats and saying 'oops') is a choice - and the more you stick with this new good mindset the less interesting that choice feels. I know you can handle the weekend just as well as the week! Cow love!
    1380 days ago
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