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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I believe the last time I was here with all you folks I was hoping to be able to do a half marathon down in Disney World while we are there. Well I'm happy to say, this is actually happening. November 5th is the big day. I'm excited...and scared. I've been training and things are going pretty well. I have a half marathon this Saturday as sort of a practice run. But I'm by no means going for PR in Disney. I want to get as many character pics along the course as I can. Really take in the experience of running through the castle, the whole ten yards. I think I submitted a pretty good proof of time. I ran the Governor's Cup 10K in Helena this year. This was a last minute race as the race I intended to use for my proof of time didn't post the race times online and I must provide a link to the results when submitting my time. So the gruelling 10K I did up the local Buffalo Jump didn't count for S#&$. So I had to gather my baring and do another 10K very quickly as the only 10K in my area before my cutoff date was the Governor's Cup.

Now, just a little time to brag. When I finished the Buffalo Jump 10K I wanted to finish under 1:15. I finished in 1:14. I met my goal but quite frankly I was irked. The elevation climb in this particular race made it impossible to even consider running the whole time ( at my level, I'm sure others did just fine). So I ended up walking most of the uphill and then trying to play catch up the rest of the race. It was one of the most difficult runs I've ever done. I was spent and I still didn't feel great about my time, but I did finish faster then I ever have sooooo I was just gonna roll with it. Then they didn't post my time. I was in a panic. There were no more 10K in Great Falls that I could run in before the deadline. What does a girl do!! She frantically signs up for the first close 10K. I was panicked, I felt I wasn't ready, but I wanted a good corral placement.I forgot to eat anything before getting the the start line. I know that sounds crazy but with T minus 5 minutes to go I realized I was running on an empty stomach. I just mentally told myself. Start off slow and just roll with the punches. I've been training in intervals. Usually 2 minutes run 1 min walk. I was going to up my intervals to 2:30 and 1 min walk with a mile straight as a warm up. During my training runs I've found I have a faster pace doing intervals then when I run straight through. So I get done with my 1 mile warm up and I'm feeling pretty good and my pace is looking good so I decide to just run until I can't and then start my intervals. Guys....I ran the whole race and my finish time was 1:05:43!!!! At about mile 4 I realized I was doing better then I could ever imagine and that pushed me through the next 2 miles. I got done and couldn't believe what had just happened.

I guess my moral of the story is that my proof of time that I submitted was waaay better then I anticipated. Which means I'll get put in a higher corral, hopefully, and that means I can stop for more pics and such along the way. Now if only I could get an earlier flight in, I could do the 10K at Disney the day before and come home with 3 sweet medals... wishful thinking

Tell me your amazing race story!

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