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Back From My Sparkbreak

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Saturday, September 02, 2017

I haven't blogged since January (!) so I'm probably a little rusty. I've been on a Sparkbreak that was intended to be short, but turned out to be longer than I expected. Now I'm back because I really missed this place and all my awesome Spark friends. (I hope you're still out there!)

I must confess that I spent a lot of my Spark break overeating and not exercising. I gained a noticeable amount of weight. I don't know exactly HOW MUCH weight I gained, because I don't own a scale. But my (size 3x) clothes were getting really tight on me, to the point where I couldn't pretend that all was well. (I tried, though!) But finally I had to admit that it was time to either go up a size, or start losing weight.

I told my husband that I was ready to do something about my weight. He has always been encouraging and never critical, although he does tell it like it is. And for months now, he has been voicing his concern about my health, so he was very happy to hear that I wanted to get back on track. He promised to support me in any way.

Together, we started working out three times a week, doing DDP Yoga. This is a workout that I've done many times before in the past, so I thought it would be a great place to re-start. I also thought it wouldn't be too difficult for me. How wrong I was! After so many months of inactivity, I was struggling to get through that workout on day one. Panting, sweating, heavily modifying moves that I used to be able to do. When the workout was finished, I just laid on my yoga mat, shaking, sweating and exhausted, and thought "If I stick with it I'll get better."

Hubby and I stuck to our 3 times a week yoga routine. I started eating a little better....far from perfect, but better. I was just focusing on doing that workout three times a week. And then I started to notice that my shirts were looser in the shoulder area. And my pants were not skin tight anymore. Plus, I had more energy!

I have now been doing DDP Yoga 3 times a week for seven full weeks!

And starting this week, I'm going to add in cardio workouts. At least twice a week, and maybe three. I'm also going to try to improve my eating a little more. I'm taking baby steps, which isn't easy for me. I'm the type who likes to go full force, gung ho, jump right in. But that doesn't really work for me, because I always end up hurting myself or just getting burned out. I WANT to be a tough workout warrior, but the truth is that I'm 56 and I need to be a little gentle with myself. So I won't push myself too hard this time. I will just do my best, and be satisfied with that. My weight loss will be slow, but hopefully this time it will be lasting.

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