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BLC35 - BWW - S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Sunday, September 10, 2017

S(pecific) - My goal for the next 12 weeks of the BLC35 is not about the 15 lbs I would like to lose. That's just a number on the scale. The scale might reflect those 15 lbs or it might not. What's more important to me is getting out of the OBESE category that is indicated on my BMI and dropping a size or two. How Will you reach this goal? 1. Tracking every morsel and every sip that passes through my lips. 2. By staying in my calorie range of 1200 to 1500 80% of the time 3. By not putting restrictions on food. This is a life style change not a diet. Moderation is key here. 4. By Committing myself to 6 days of exercise that not only incorporates my own exercise regimen, but also includes the TNT, WEC, LCW from this challenge. 5. By being an active member on the BWW chat thread where I can get support and encouragement while I offer my own support and encouragement to my fellow Warriors. 6. By Celebrating the small NSV's along the way. 7. By eating plant based 2 to 3 times a week and by eating clean 80 % of the time. M(easureable - How I will measure my progress. 1. Weigh in once a week 2. Keep a 12 week picture diary of me wearing a red dress that currently doesn't fit me. 3. Writing in a Journal through this 12 week challenge about the Good, the bad, and the ugly. How will you know you have reached your goal? i will know when I can pull that red dress over my entire body. Right now I can only manage to get it half way on. A(ttainable) - Resources needed to be successful How I'll find the time: By making my health and fitness top priority. I can spare an hour or two on improving my health. Things I need to learn about: 1. How to be patient during this process. I didn't gain all this weight overnight and i'm not going to lose it overnight. I need to be patient with how things progress over the next 12 weeks. I might have a week where I'm seeing great results and I might have a week where I don't. 2. How to at least like the person I am now. If I don't like who I am now then how am I going to like her when she's a smaller size.. 3. How to talk to myself in a nice and positive. way. Words are powerful careful of how you speak to yourself. People I can turn to for support: 1. Sisters and Besties 2. Spark teammates 3. God. R(elevant) Why do you want to reach this goal? 1. Number one answer. Because I'm not healthy. The only category after OBESE is DEATH. All of this extra weight is like having a transformer within my body that instead of transforming into some awesome looking vehicle is transforming into a shovel. Ready to dig a grave for me. 2. Because it's like I don't exist. Yeah that sounds odd. Reality is that I'm extremely self conscious of my body and I feel so ashamed of being fat that there are hardly any pictures of me at Special family events, on vacations, with people I love etc. 3. For the vanity of it. OK maybe this is superficial but hey I want to walk in a room and be admired. Is that so bad? I want to put on a nice dress that shows off my healthy and smaller body. I want to walk with my head held high instead of walking with my head looking down. 4. Because I hate shopping in the Big girl section. Come on people. Lets get real here. Stores don't carry nearly enough cute outfits in the big girl section that they do in the smaller girl section. Not to mention that they have that awful material in the Big girl section that clings to every fat roll on your body. 5. Because I've spent my 20's and 30's being too ashamed of my weight that I forgot to enjoy life. I sabotaged my romantic life because I thought "Who would want to be with a fat girl"? There are so many things that I didn't do all because I let my weight hold me back. When I am at deaths door and my life is played back for me as a movie i don't want to feel empty, sad, and regretful. T(imely) - deadline for goal I will reach my goal by Nov 29th, 2017.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I loved how snappily you put things - particularly "not putting restrictions on food. This is a life style change not a diet." - see you in the Weight Warriors Fall 5% Challenge!
    1396 days ago
    What great SMART goals!!!! emoticon
    1413 days ago
    You have some great SMART goals for BLC35! I love the idea of taking progress pictures of you in your red dress! emoticon emoticon
    1413 days ago
    Wow! That's a very clear specific and logical mandate and goal. Do you have a plan for when your emotions try to bully you into habbitual eating and exercise routines? Emotions are the crux of many of my choices, even when I dont know it.
    1413 days ago

    This is so thoughtful and resonates with me on many levels. I ducked pictures at family events for years because of my weight, and worse, hibernated at home after work instead of going out and having fun. Your goals are realistic - you can do this!
    1413 days ago
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