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Thursday, September 14, 2017

After the facts of the hacking into the credit bureau (Equifax?) last week, I decided to freeze my credit reports with all three companies. I can unfreeze them, when needed; meanwhile, it gives a bit of peace of mind. I try to keep close tabs on things as I've had a few episodes with my credit card in the past and it is not a good feeling to have your info stolen or compromised.

I saw the film Super Juice Me and enjoyed it a lot. I tried juicing in the past, after seeing Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. But it was expensive and messy. Now that I have a super cheap place to get produce, I can go to town on juicing. It arrives tomorrow and I'm really excited. I may do an experiment and do only juice for a week or so. We'll see. Anyway, it was a very helpful film and I've been on a kick of watching stuff that deal with health issues.

Also watched Food As Medicine. Not as interesting to me, but still contained helpful info and reminders. Both are on Amazon, free with Prime.

Well, yesterday I didn't plan on stress eating, but by the end of the day I ate like the old days. I wasn't going to put the food on the tracker for obvious reasons, but I did anyway. The number jumped out at me bit my butt. Harsh reality. But the good part of it was the reminder of how that used to be my normal day. Life will always have losses, stresses, etc. and I do know how to deal with it better. Next time, I will.

Temps are starting to cool off and that's a wonderful thing. Wishing all a fine day.
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