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Why I give myself free days

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I am aware that fitness and health are a life choice, and that you cant just go on a "diet" and then when you hit some magic number, be done with it. I've gotten in the habit of making healthy food choices and being ok with it for the most part. I try to walk for an hour every day (ok, almost every day), and I'm making good progress. I have a LONG way to go; I've only been doing this for a month.

But guess what? Yesterday, I just took the day off. I refuse to call it giving myself a "cheat day", or say that I'm allowing myself to be "bad", because I think that's the reason people give up; they feel bad about themselves, think they blew it, and stop working at it.

I was a little worried that I would have things I used to love eating whenever I felt like it, and not be able to go back to my disciplined lifestyle. But I've been wanting a hamburger for what feels like forever, and the cravings were getting worse everyday, so I decided to indulge. No guilt. No recriminations. Just enjoy the gift I'm giving myself. I had Burger King. I had ice cream. I had salt. And I DIDN'T go for a walk.

And guess what? I didn't wake up this morning back to my starting weight. I wasn't bloated, and I didn't feel like I had blown my entire program. I just willingly and happily went back to my new routine, feeling like I had had a mini vacation. I walked two miles today, and I'm eating smart.

So I know that I cant do this often. I know that even once a week is too much, because it's like smoking...one cigarette leads to another, and another, and the next thing you know you're back up to a pack a day. But I will treat myself occasionally, because knowing that I don't have to walk away from everything I enjoy forever, makes it easier, not harder, to stick with a healthy lifestyle.

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