2 goals, 1 day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

If you hadn't heard - the Northwest was ablaze with red-level air quality during the time of Hurricane Irma. We were safe from the fires, but the smoke seemed to want to treat the Treasure Valley as an open drain pipe.

Nearly everyone up here had some sort of upper respiratory problem due to this. ... and then the kiddo came home with a cold which everyone here caught. Unfortunately I was the last to catch it... and you know what that means... all the meds were used for everyone else. BLAH.

BUUUUUUT.... I finally made it back to do a weigh-in. I can now say I am down UNDER 300 pounds ANNNND I am down to double digits for my weight loss goal.

I was just commenting to my husband how it sucks that I've nearly lost 40 pounds and if I were one of those ladies on the weight loss commercials I would say "I've lost 40 pounds and 10 dress sizes!!" but I'm not, so all I can say is "I've nearly lost 40 pounds and my underwear feels only slightly looser."


But I'm still going... and now I'll be able to ride my bike when I get it fixed.
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