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Sunday, October 01, 2017

I've been having some insomnia issues due to stress - so much so that the kiddo tends to wake up before I've even fallen asleep. So this morning we took off on a walk. Together, we went about 5 miles in an hour and a half on the greenbelt, just walking and chatting. She said she had a very enjoyable time and I did too - it definitely helped me get a bit of sleep when we got back home.

But I'm on my way to goal #2 for sure. (for those of you dropping in without any knowledge, since I have a lot of weight to lose, I've broken down my big goal into 5 separate easier to manage chunks. The first one was the biggest at 36 lbs. The last 4 are 25lbs a piece and I'm already 4lbs in on the second goal, so 21 more pounds to go.)

Even though the weight loss has slowed down, I'm still making progress and I'm happy to see that. I still need to go see my dr for my a1c. I'm not looking forward to that since my husband is still without a job. (the one we were hoping to get never called and won't answer our phone calls when we call. I hate it when they do that. Be a man and just say 'sorry, we went with someone else' for crying out loud!)

Please keep us in your thoughts, the job market has been very slim pickings and we've been broadening our searches to *ANYTHING* he could be qualified for regardless of pay - not holding back the idea that if a full-time job in video production opens, I'll try for it (and hopefully my husband will step into my shoes with my at-home work).
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