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Body Image

Sunday, October 08, 2017

I am privileged to be a member of a really great team, Embrace the Weight Loss Journey. Our team leader asked a series of questions on our Team Board and made some points about how we view our body image.

In response I can say, I haven’t always liked the way I look in the mirror sans clothing, but I always accepted it as being okay. As long as I wore clothing appropriate for my size I felt just fine. My size was not me.

I have pretty healthy self esteem and I have never worried much over what other people thought about me. One of my favorite saying was, and probably still is...”My friends like me and the rest of you don’t matter.” Sounds a little snippy, I know. However, no true friend has ever criticized me because of my size. Whether I was fat or thin they accepted me because of how I accepted me. I had the same humor, attitude, and behaved exactly the same way whatever size I happened to be and believe me there have been several over the years. emoticon I was content where I was until the weight began to affect my health. Only then did weight loss became a priority.

While I did set a goal weight for SparkPeople, I have always believed my goal weight will be when I am healthy. Doctor approved healthy. I will be off as many medications as I can be and I will be enjoying the total quality of my life. That is when I will have reached MY ‘goal’. It won’t matter what the number on the scale is. My goal is all about my health. Blood pressure. Blood glucose/AC1. Cholesterol. Arthritis levels. Those are the things I am seeking to approve on this journey,

As I get older I realize what I look like matter a lot less than how I feel. So the number size in my clothing doesn’t matter to me. Being a certain size does not matter to me. I like me. I didn’t like me less when I was a size 20 and I won’t like me any more if I am a size 10. My size doesn’t define me. My attitude does.

So I will say, yes, I have a positive body image now. I had one when I started this journey 54 pounds ago and I will still have one when I reach the end of this journey.

Because I believe it is true “the number on the scale does not define you.” Accepting yourself right now is what will bring you to a successful conclusion of your journey.

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