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Drug User...Huh !?!

Friday, October 20, 2017

I had an eye doctor’s appointment this week. Since I am on prescriptions to treat my autoimmune disease, and they can affect my vision, I have regular 6 month check ups.

I got my lab results today. When I was reading through them I saw a block in the form for drug user. My doctor had checked ‘yes’. I was shocked! I was indignant! I said to myself, I have never used drugs. I had no desire when I was young and it would be so foolish to start now.

So I called and asked him about it and, guess what, he said that box is checked because I am on steroids and an opioid. Yes it’s prescription but they are also monitored, regulated, and addictive substances. So, by medical standards, I AM a drug user.

It shook me up because it is not a label I ever expected to be associated with but the truth is, by medical definition, I do take “drugs” now and I will be taking them for the rest of my life. I thought about it and know I need to get past that label and see the truth. My truth. The label means nothing. Your actions and your intent mean everything.

Many times in life people will stick labels on us; make a decision about us that has nothing to do with who or what we actually are. We don’t have to accept that as truth. We are not what we are labeled; we are our actions, our intent, OUR truth.

Don’t let a label determine who and what you will be. I am on drugs but I don’t ‘do’ drugs, so I am putting that label aside because I know my truth.

My actions define my reality. I won’t let any label do that.

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    I would have been bothered by it too... glad you pressed on in your own truth. God bless!
    750 days ago
    I can understand your concern. Recently I was with my husband in the hospital for a routine procedure and the nurse asked, "Do you use alcohol?' Since when did we become "users" of alcohol, instead of "drinkers"?
    Yes, alcohol is a drug, but in our culture it's a food too. Do we ask if people are users of sugar, or users of fast food? Those substances are every bit as dangerous.
    1291 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17989942
    you have a legitimate reason to be taking them Pam...can totally understand you being upset by that surgeon promised me the dose she gave me wouldn't addict me, after my knee surgeries...told me, I use a hammer to take your knee off...believe me, you will want them...she was SOOO right, had a hard time getting the prescription filled sad that some Dr.s prescribed them when they shouldn't have...makes it extremely difficult now for a legitimate issue...
    1293 days ago
    Oh my goodness. That to me is shocking! You're right! Not your label, not your truth. Anad I am really shocked there isn't a better way for that situation to be described!

    for sure, right now opoid abuse is a hot topic, and indeed it should be! But ABUSE is the critical word there. You are under the Drs. care, have a medical situation requiring it (and the steroids), . . that is far different than abusing it.

    good for you for KNOWING in your heart that it isn't you, it is not your label, it is not who you are.
    1294 days ago
    Guess their check box should say something along the lines of "uses prescription pharmaceuticals as directed" . Or perhaps simply "prescribed opioids, yes or no". Lots of us are in the same category, at least on occasion. There is a big difference between medical prescription and recreational drug use and it would be appropriate if they could categorize their forms appropriately.
    1294 days ago
    That does seem kind of a strange way for them to say that you take prescription drugs. I'm glad you aren't going to let it throw you. Carry On!

    1295 days ago
    You right your not a label. Live your truth.
    1295 days ago
    Well, big pharma. Is making this a problem. They prescribe these drugs and make millions. There are more drug addicts on legal drugs than illegal in this country at this time
    1295 days ago
    Good for you! I think that opiod check box is new because of all the uproar about it right now. Don't let it define you.
    1295 days ago
    I would do a bit of research into the definition of 'drug user'. No way do you want this label. Carelessly putting it in a record means someone could accidentally share it. Most, if not all people would have the same reaction you did. "Huh?!"
    And with all the uncertainty we have these days about insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, you certainly don't want future medical treatments turned down. In the days before pre-existing conditions being okay, my 18 yo daughter got turned down for health insurance in Virginia because she saw a social worker for something when she was 14.

    1295 days ago
  • no profile photo CAROL494
    1295 days ago
    1295 days ago
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