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10/30/17 Day 5&6 journal entry!

Monday, October 30, 2017

OOPS!!! Thought about writing in my journal several times yesterday. But I wanted to wait to the end of the day..

Yesterday was Sunday. That's my "ME" day. The day I do nothing. It's relaxation day. I wanted to write at the end of the day to say how my day went. I feel asleep on the couch watching TV! Yesterday, what did I do. I watered my exterior and interior plants. Tried to figure out what my goals for this week are. And ended up measuring my bags of nuts into 1 oz snack bags! I even made five mixed nut & cranraisin snack bags. And I ate a bag of pecans. WOW! Discover that was almost 200 calories & really high in fat. Boy did that increase my intake. All those articles that I've been reading saying nuts help lower cholesterol better be true. That's the only reason I bought nuts. Don't usually eat them. In my book, yesterday was a success! Relaxation!!!

Today... Monday! It's 6am and trying to get ready for today. At 9am I'm taking 2 of my dogs in for their shots.

Setting my weekly "SMART" goals:

Food-track everyday, add some nuts (0.5 bag), veggies with every meal, 1-2 servings of fruit each day, Don't go over my recommended calories!! Drink water.

Exercise: My new exercise goals: Starting Today: every other day strength training & the other days cardio! Track fitness daily.

I have a whole new plan! Hope I'm not overdoing it! I am 61 & I have osteoarthritis in my knees & lower back. And degenerating disc disease. In 2014 is was called mild. Hurts a little more now that then but will still call it mild. I have a major problem with body cramps. Boy do they hurt! Dr. ran blood work and all my blood work was good; so it's not a lack of vitamins or minerals. No-one seems to tell me what causes the cramps. But on the net I found something that gave the 3 most common reasons of my age group has these cramps and I think one of their reasons is why I have this problem: "LACK OF MUSCLE USE!" My new focus is on using my muscles. Now the question is how::

My new exercise goals: Starting Today: every other day strength training & the other days cardio! Now I am hoping I'm not overdoing the strength. Everything I've been reading says strength 2 times a week; i'm going for 3x. But I'm sure the exercise I find on SP pages won't be as strenuous as equipment at the gym. I was also reading that my age group needs at least 72 hours break between strength training due to body repair. But I'm not sure about that either. I went to silver sneakers 2-5 times a week for 5 months. I did get sore and I stayed sore and towards the end I started going less because I was getting too sore. Anyhow this week is my trail week. Open to any suggestion; remember I need to develop my muscles and maybe I will get rid of these muscle cramps. They hurt!

Challenges: I have 2 going one. Small challenges already in process. Doing good so far. "PatPat" on the back. :-) The second challenge start Wednesday and last for 8 weeks.
This one is going to be harder but more noticeable. I'll update on the 2nd challenge progress as I go.

Suggestion PLEASE for a good strength training exercises for an old fat gal! LOL I'm 61 (sometimes feel like 100), 140lbs overweight. Beginner's level. I really need to develop my muscles. My scale says I'm 60% Bodyfat!! 44%BMI --now I know both of those numbers need to really go down. It says 29.3% body water---have no clue what that means! R we suppose to half body water? I drink 6-8 glasses of water every day, and pee several times a day and few times during the night, and I pee lemonade most of the time- once in awhile apple juice. I read an article that said apple juice means u need more water and lemonade means ur ok. So should I ignore the body water %?

10/31/17 Happy Halloween. Today is Tues ... Tomorrow starts the Diva's 8-week challenge! Ok I am ready for this:
Today weigh in: 264.8
BF: 60%
BMI: 44.4%
BW: 29.3%
Waist: 51.5
Hip: 56
Thigh: 30
Chest: 52
O where o where did my hour glass figure go? :-(

I have to do good. Can't let the team down. Must lose weight; Must do cardio & strength. I will try to increase fitness mins. every week. I want to be thinner, healthier, and stronger (flexible). I've set my phone up with reminders! I have NO excuses not to give it my all! emoticon
Go Ronda Go!!!
Can't wait to see the results in 8 weeks!! They're going to be amazing!

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