Nov 28 Christmas season is here for me - I L-O-V-E Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I totally missed the Advent season two years ago when I had the 8.5 hour back surgery and and then spent 18 days in rehab just to get so I could move one leg enough to drag the other with use of walker. Plus got addicted to narcotics and had to come off of that.... Then last year was total loss of staying on bedrest for two months weird autoimmune something in lower legs.

So this year I anticipate and though must go very slow in everything I do - I have totally enjoyed the first 5 days since Thanksgiving. The tree is et up and will get lights on tomorrow and I spent the entire day and energy for three days window shopping, visited two friends and totally had a traditional day of pre Christmas fun!!!

Had good food choices throughout, drank good volumnes of liquids and am just proud of myself!!! I am soooooo thankful I am still able to drive carefully short distances and have independence for that. Merry Christmas to all and now must go to bed and not write on each team - will try to catch up tomorrow.
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