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The Quest for Perfection... I found it!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

For a long time, I've been on a Quest for Perfection.

The Perfect Daughter
The Perfect Employee
The Perfect Sister ( after all my brother is the Perfect Child)
The Perfect Friend
The Perfect Weight

Some how in my mind if I was not perfect at each of these things. I was a failure at all.
I would labor with these challenges, and some how felt just a little deeper. I guess it's
true what they say, with age comes Wisdom. I've truly really come to understand and
accept that it's about balance. I'm not laboring if I ate two chocolate chips. If I made a mistake at work, over think it, become frazzled shut down etc. I'm finally apply that sense of balance to my mental and physical health. The craziest thing is now that I've really let go of that tight grasp, that grasp for perfection. I've derailed less, stayed the course and have been finding so much more success. The journey is long, life has surprises. I've taken the words I've been good, I've been bad or I've cheated out of my vocabulary.

I'm doing my best, I'm looking forward. It's not an excuse to derail. It's a plan that as life happens and things don't go the way I intended. I can make a choice, I can look at and see exactly what put me in that pickle. Okay, I gained three pounds. hmmm. well if it was the party I had with Ben & Jerry you might want to think about that. Was it worth it, did I enjoy it, and am I balancing.

I have a lot to wrangle in, my weight,,and my sugar are my top priority. For me when my weight comes down, my sugars come down. I want to be functionally fit. I wan to be able to
sit on the floor play games with the kids and get back up easily. I want to be able to do that thing where people stretch out and they stretch their back leg and have my hand grab so you can stretch.. My hand and my foot don't reach. I want to do that. That's a physical goal.
Alittle at a time.

Today, I started my morning with a cup of coffee 5 minutes to myself
Gratefully acknowledge with a humble heart my blessings
asked the Good Lord to forgive me with my challenges
Planned my food for the day..

I feel good, I feel in balance and I'm grateful.

How do you find balance?
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